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   Chapter 238 I Did It

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"Susie, have you seen how bruised your face is? Please, just calm down a bit," Lesley pleaded earnestly.

Then, she looked at Ashley and said, "Ashley, I know that Ellie is your friend. However, that doesn't mean she has the right to hit people. Susie is Andrew's sister. How is he supposed to explain what happened to her to his family?" Lesley looked like she was on the verge of tears.

"I know Susie very well. Although she is a bit rude and unreasonable at times, she would never, ever harm others. And like Susie said, she wouldn't beat herself up just to frame Ellie, right?

Even if she did intend to do such a thing, I don't think she would risk damaging her own face. As women, I believe we all know the importance of our appearances."

It was clear that Lesley was only pandering to the good side of everyone in order to build a shining image for herself. She thought that Andrew would side with Susie without question because, well, they were siblings. Despite knowing that the two were not very close with each other, Lesley believed that Andrew would come to their rescue.

But what Lesley didn't know was that Andrew felt nothing towards any member of his family, and Susie was no exception.

As a matter of fact, he actually liked Ellie better than Susie.

Lesley was waiting for Andrew to say something in their defense, but he just stayed silent. After many minutes passed and he still didn't say anything, she started to feel her cheeks going red from embarrassment.

Susie, on the other hand, was panicking. Turning to Lesley, she asked, "Lesley, will there be any scars on my face?"

Without waiting for an answer, she stared furiously at Ellie and shrieked, "Listen, bitch! If my face becomes disfigured, I swear I won't let you get away with it!"

Lesley patted her shoulder to comfort her. "Don't worry, girl. It'll be fine. Your parents will definitely give you the best treatment."

And she was right. As the daughter of rich and powerful parents, she would, no doubt, receive the best solution science had to offer.

Amidst all the brouhaha, Ashley still believed that Ellie didn't hurt Susie. No one knew Ellie better than she did, and she knew that Ellie was a kind, loving person. Heck, even when people had been rude to her in the past, she had never thought of exacting revenge on them! How could it be possible for her to hit Susie? It didn't make sense to her.

Suddenly, Angelina, who was standing nearby said, "Uh...I am not sure whether

y everyone was dead set on defending an outsider, and not her!

"Lesley, are you okay?" Susie asked abruptly.

After what Andrew had said and done, Lesley couldn't help but feel disappointed and confused. She didn't think that Andrew would do something like that to Susie. It was as if he didn't care about her at all.

'He treats someone who is not his family better than his own sister, ' she thought. 'But damn, Ashley and that Ellie are really birds of the same feather!' Her sadness slowly turned into rage.

Her eyes filled with fury. As she glowered at their disappearing backs, she started to shake in anger. It was Susie's first time seeing her behave like this, and she was scared.

But swiftly, Lesley was able to pull herself back together and look like nothing had happened.

Turning to the girl beside her, she realized that Susie was stunned. "What's wrong?" she asked.

Susie shook her head and didn't utter a word. Her mind went blank.

"Well, I think it's better if we go to the hospital now."

But Susie didn't want to leave. More precisely, she didn't want to leave Jeremy. "Lesley, I don't want to go. Can we just stay here?"

"What about your face? You can't just leave it like that!"

Susie touched her face, which was now fully swollen and bruised, and it made her feel terrible and frightened. 'No wonder he doesn't want to see me, ' she thought to herself.

"How about we call the doctor here? I really don't want to go home now," she told Lesley.

Lesley took a glimpse at her and said, "All right. Let's go back to your room. I'll help you treat the wound on your face before the doctor comes. Is that okay?"

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