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   Chapter 237 Conflict

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Susie had long disliked Francis. She thought he just stuck on to her brother to play around with numerous women.

Hailing from an affluent family, Susie was raised well and so she looked down on those kind of guys.

And she felt the same way about Ellie too.

"Humph, look at yourself. I didn't expect you to be so good at seducing men," she sneered.

Ellie looked at Susie icily. She would have liked to give it back to her, but she swallowed the words considering Susie's background.

It was not that Ellie was afraid of Susie, even though she was from the Lu family. She just didn't want to cause Ashley any trouble, since Susie was Andrew's sister and Andrew loved Ashley very much.

Ellie's silence encouraged Susie to continue, "No wonder you and Ashley are friends.

You two are cut from the same cloth; you are both sluts. Shame on you!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Ellie spluttered.

Susie was behaving like a mad dog, barking unnecessarily, and Ellie didn't bother about what she had said earlier. But she wouldn't stand idly and hear anything bad being spoken about Ashley.

No one knew what they had gone through together and just how close they were.

In other words, even if everyone in the world betrayed them, they would never betray each other.

Susie was shocked by Ellie's bold response and froze for a moment, then she continued in a patronizing tone, "You heard me. I'd love to repeat it if you didn't get me the first time!

I said, you and Ashley are cut from the same cloth; you're both sl—!"

Before Susie could finish, Ellie made an unexpected move.

She raised her hand and gave Susie a tight slap.

It resoun

ound another person to sympathize with her. She began sobbing again, "My sweet Lesley. Thank God, you're here. It's her, Ellie! She hit me!" Susie pointed at Ellie like a petulant child.

Ashley protected Ellie with her body immediately, not even realizing what she was doing.

"Miss Lu, I think you are mistaken. How could Ellie hit you?" Ashley asked, perplexed.

"How couldn't she? There were only two of us here just now. If it was not her, then who was it? Me?

Ouch! It hurts so much!" Susie cried out in pain as she opened her mouth wide to yell.

Greyson went up to Ellie quietly and examined her up and down. He was relieved when he didn't find any wounds.

But he was surprised to discover that Jeremy was standing next to Ellie. He asked, "So, you finally made it?"

Jeremy nodded.

Then Greyson turned to Susie and challenged with a sneer, "You could have done this to yourself to frame her. That's also a possibility."

"Greyson, I know you have a crush on her. But do you really know her? Look at what she did to me. You're still making excuses for this vicious woman!" Susie retorted.

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