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   Chapter 236 The Sarcasm

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Never in her wildest dreams had Angelina imagined that she had a brother who was the president of the Gu Group.

The gentle and graceful man standing in front of her looked at her intently as if he could not get enough of her. He spoke to her in a soft tone, as if he was afraid of frightening her.

She felt choked with emotion. His eyes glistened with tears and he quickly looked away, trying to hide it. 'He must love me a lot, ' she thought to herself.

Angelina took a tissue from her bag and handed it to Jeremy. "Don't be sad now. Shouldn't you be happy? I have never had a brother before, but I will try to get on well with you. When we were young, our relationship might have been very good."

Taking the tissue from Angelina's hand, Jeremy couldn't help laughing. "Well, yeah. You used to follow me around all the time and call me 'Jeremy' in a crisp voice."

Angelina couldn't help smiling. Although she had no recollection of this, she felt good just picturing it.

Angelina asked, "Then, how did I get lost?"

Seeing Jeremy's smile fade, Angelina admonished herself mentally.

She apologized immediately, "Excuse me, I wasn't..."

Jeremy's smile returned. "It's all right.

I blamed myself for playing around too much and being careless. I took you out to play with me one day. I saw something interesting, so I left you behind and went away to explore it. When I came back, you were gone," he said wistfully.

Although it sounded casual, at that time it had been a heart-wrenching experience to lose his favorite sister.

The two spoke a lot with each other. At first, the conversation had been stilted and uneasy, but soon they got re-familiarized with each other.

Without even realizing it, they went on chatting for half an hour. Suddenly, Jeremy's cell phone rang and interrupted

k with your eyes open?" asked a crisp and fragile voice.

"I'm sorry," Ellie apologized.

She had just turned a corner in the corridor. Nobody was there in the villa, so Ellie was not paying much attention to her surrounding and accidentally bumped into this person.

Ellie had apologized immediately, so Susie did not want to start a fight. However, when she raised her eyes and saw Ellie's beautiful and gentle face, she changed her mind.

She decided to be mean. "Sorry? You knock me down and then you just say you're sorry! Do you know who I am?"

Ellie was frustrated.

However, since she was at fault, she could not accuse Susie of being aggressive. So she apologized once more.

She intended to pass by Susie and leave.

But Susie turned around and stood in front of her, blocking her path.

Ellie looked at her. "What more do you want? I've already apologized."

Susie looked at her face. Ellie wasn't very pretty, yet she had somehow caught a place in both Greyson's and Francis' hearts.

But Francis had no taste whatsoever. He would never say no to any girl. It was not surprising for him to have a crush on a homely girl like Ellie. Susie looked at Ellie with a sarcastic smile.

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