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   Chapter 234 Marry Him

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Their eyes met and Lesley smiled gently and asked, "What are you looking at?"

Ashley looked a little awkward. She quickly averted her eyes and answered, "Nothing."

With the smile still stuck on her lips, Lesley asked, "This is the first time I've seen my dear Andrew out with a girl other than Susie. What's your relationship with him?"


"Don't be distracted. You should focus on your food instead of talking to someone insignificant," Andrew cut in sharply. He had interrupted Ashley just when she was about to tell Lesley about their relationship.

Lesley froze when she heard his words.

'Someone insignificant? I am your fiancee!'

"Lesley, just ignore her. You are my sister-in-law. Who the hell does she think she is?" Susie piped in, her voice trembling with anger.

Thankful that someone had her back, Lesley regained her composure. She pretended to blame Susie, "What nonsense are you talking?"

Susie replied, "I just told the truth. You are my brother's fiancee, the woman who is going to marry him. We can't accept a woman living in obscurity."

Although she didn't spell out Ashley's name, everyone knew who her remarks were aimed at.

Ashley lowered her head and focused on her meal. However, after she heard Susie's words, the food tasted like cardboard.

'Well, it's true. He really has a fiancee, and they are going to get married.

Their families are fairly well-matched. What's wrong with me? Why do I feel uneasy inside?' she asked herself.

Andrew glanced at Susie casually. "When did I get a fiancee? Why haven't I heard of this before?"

Susie, who had been unkind just now, wore a dejected expression. "Dad arranged this marriage for you. Lesley will marry you sooner or later," she muttered.

Andrew responded coldly, "Well, since he has arranged the marriage, he should be the one to marry her."

"Ha-ha!" Francis couldn't control himself.

Greyson, who was sitting beside him quietly, was stunned by Andrew's word

If he liked his fiancee, she would let him go. In any case, they had not married for love in the beginning.

She looked up at him with wide eyes. Her long eyelashes trembled as she blinked. She felt a little uneasy. She was waiting for Andrew's answer with baited breath, but she was also afraid that he would admit that Lesley was indeed his fiancee.

"No," he said simply.

"Why does she call you 'dear Andrew?' Even Susie refers to her as sister-in-law,"

she asked, her voice dripping with jealousy.

Andrew raised his brows. "Are you jealous?" he asked, almost in an excited anticipation.

She was questioning him as his wife, who suspected him of cheating.

Her voice was full of jealousy.

"Jealous? No! How could I be jealous? It's impossible!" she retorted, pouting.

'Double-faced woman, ' Andrew thought to himself.

Then he kissed her suddenly. Ashley was caught off-guard. She looked at him in surprise. "You are my wife, and you are the only one who can be my wife. What you need to do is ignore all of them."

He stroked her soft black hair. "Understand?" he asked.

Ashley nodded slowly, looking at his handsome face.

"Are you sleepy? Go back and get some rest. I will take you out in the evening."

It was noon, and the mid-day sun usually made people sleepy. Ashley nodded.

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