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   Chapter 233 Uninvited Company

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The resort village was located in the suburban area of J City. It was in a secluded location and the landscape was very beautiful.

The decoration was antique style. The long corridors with the wood flooring, the pergola, the artificial hills and the pavilions, all together gave people a feeling of being a world away from the modern life of J City.

Ashley grabbed Andrew's hand tightly, fearing that if she was separated from them, she would certainly get lost thanks to her poor sense of directions.

"Francis, this way!" Ivor waved him over when he spotted Francis in the distance.

Francis made his way to him and the others followed.

When they got closer, they found that two more people were standing behind Ivor. It was Susie and Lesley.

Ashley had met Susie once, so she recognized her immediately. But she didn't know who the other woman beside her was.

For some mysterious reason, Ashley sensed a lot of hostility from the other woman.

But it didn't make sense; she didn't know her at all. Where was all this hostility coming from?

Francis furrowed his brows and hissed, "Why did you bring them?"

Ivor opened his mouth but hesitated; he couldn't find the right words. Susie was quicker than him and said, "What do you mean, Francis? Do you own this place? Why can't we be here?"

Francis raised his eyebrows lightly and replied carelessly, "Oh? Sorry, but I do own this place. So will you leave now, Miss Lu? You are not welcome here."

"Francis, you…" said Susie irritably.

He leaned on a pillar and looked at her indifferently.

"Andrew, just look at him! He is bullying me again!" she whined.

She couldn't fight Francis, so she stomped over to Andrew's side. She shot a resentful glare towards Ashley, who was holding his arm. Susie was about to hold his other arm.

But Andrew glanced at her emotionlessly, and without even saying anything, he scared her off. She didn't dare touch him.

She then bit her lip and drew her hand back in embarrassment.

So Francis could only hear them murmuring, and couldn't tell what they were saying.

He felt irritated for no reason suddenly and said, "What are you two gossiping about? Come on, catch up. You only have yourselves to blame if you get lost."

Greyson held Ellie's hand and walked faster to catch up with them. 'We aren't that far behind. How can we get lost? What the hell is he worried about?'

Greyson stared at Francis suspiciously. "Why do I get a feeling that you are in a bad mood today?

You being in a bad mood has brightened up my day. Ha-ha!"

Greyson laughed inconsiderately.

Francis looked once again at their entwined hands and then narrowed his eyes and walked away.

Francis walking away from a fight left Greyson in a shock. He rubbed his nose, watched Francis' back and wondered, 'What has happened to this guy today?'

At the dinner table, the motley group settled down and coincidentally Ashley sat next to Lesley.

Ashley observed her secretly and wondered, 'Who is she? Why does she have such a close relationship with Andrew? She keeps saying his name over and over again. And he doesn't seem to have any problem with it at all.'

She thought nobody had caught her observing Lesley closely, but she didn't know that her actions were clear as day. Anyone could see that she was sizing Lesley up.

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