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   Chapter 232 An Innocent Onlooker

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But Greyson couldn't show his anger in front of Ellie and Ashley, so he answered, "They're still on the way."

He looked at Ashley and asked, "Little pretty, are you still mad at me?"

Ashley replied with a faint smile, "Little pretty? Why aren't you calling me Ashley today?"

He looked at her piteously. "Little pretty, I apologize. I didn't mean to deceive you."

"Ashley, what happened?" Ellie asked in confusion. "Why is he apologizing?"

Ellie didn't know who he really was. She thought he was the same guy she had known for so long.

After seeing Greyson with Andrew and Francis last night, Ashley no longer believed anything Greyson said.

'So what does this mean? Coming to J City to see relatives? The stolen wallet? All of these were made up!' she thought angrily.

"All the stories he told us were made up. He didn't come here for relatives at all, nor did he get robbed by anyone," she explained to Ellie.

"So, it was all a lie?" asked Ellie.

Ashley nodded.

Hearing this, Greyson felt dazed. He really liked being with Ashley and Ellie. Moreover, he had not deceived them deliberately.

Francis should be blamed for all this. He had come up with this dumb idea and insisted on pushing the loser of the game to do this.

"Hey, hey, I can explain everything," Greyson said trying to placate them. He looked at them with his innocent eyes.

It worked with Ellie. So she turned to Ashley and said, "I don't think he really meant it. Why don't you at least hear him out?"

Ashley looked at Ellie in disappointment. She couldn't believe that she was still not behaving like a grown-up about this. It was Ellie who had been afraid that Ashley would be tri

the person or the thing disappeared.

"Come here," Andrew called out to Ashley.

She walked over to him obediently after shooting Francis another warning look.

Andrew glanced at Greyson, who he knew had nothing to do with Ashley. But he was still somewhat unhappy when he saw them chatting pleasantly.

"Hey, Ashley, you need to clarify. Why don't you want to let me get close to Ellie," asked Francis. Weren't they on good terms the other day?

"You are such a womanizer! Get away from Ellie!" she yelled without hesitation. "Otherwise I won't be nice the next time around!"

Francis felt offended at her words. Sure, he used to be a jerk, but recently he had showed restraint.

'I just had a drink with a woman last night. Do you have to make such a big deal about it?' he thought.

He would have liked to continue defending himself, but had to swallow his words when he saw Andrew's threatening expression.

Andrew gently smoothed Ashley's tousled hair and asked, "Are you hungry?"

She shook his head and replied, "No. I ate a lot in the car on the way here."

"Let's go to dinner," he suggested.

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