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   Chapter 231 A Playboy

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The car slowly drove along and finally stopped next to a beautifully green lawn. Ashley was dozing off. The sudden stopped motion of the car woke her up. She gathered herself and got out of the car. She then looked around at her surroundings. The scenery there was really beautiful and breathtaking. There were many luscious trees, babbling streams and a flowing river. The clear blue water sparkled in its cleanliness.

The little nap she took made Ashley a bit sore. When she got out of the car, she couldn't help raising her arms in the air, stretching them high up in the sky. She closed her eyes and allowed the cool breeze to sweep over her body, tousling her hair a bit.

A bright blue sky, vibrant green trees, sparkling clear water, and a nice, cool breeze put people in a particularly good mood, Ashley included.

Andrew continued staying seated in the car. He gently and affectionately looked at Ashley, who was admiring the river.

After a while, Ashley ran back to Andrew's side and excitedly grabbed his hand. She exclaimed, "Andrew, can you smell that fresh, clean air? It's so nice here. Let's go."

Andrew didn't move but instead quietly stared at Ashley.

Starting to wonder why Andrew wasn't moving, Ashley asked wonderingly, "What's wrong? Is there something dirty on my face?" As she said so, Ashley raised her hand and started wiping her cheek hard.

"Why don't you call me the same name as you did last night?" Andrew finally asked.

'What did I call him last night?' thought Ashley.

She started searching through her memory. After a while, something suddenly occurred to Ashley. She started blushing. Ashley then glared at Andrew, letting go of his hand. She quickly turned around and started running away from him.

Andrew thought of the events that happened in the evening of the previous day. His eyes subconsciously started to soften a bit. Ashley actually called him "Honey" in front of Raymond and his father. It surprised Andrew, even now as he was thinking about it. But for some reason, when there were only the two of them, Ashley liked to call him by his full name.

From afar, Ashley thought of the scene when Andrew forced her to call him "Honey" in bed, when they were having sex the night before. If she didn't call him that, he would have continue even if she had been tired to death.

As it turned out, they weren't thinking about the same thing.


Feeling breathless from the running, Ashley was about to enter the house. She concentrated on climbing up the steps. Then Ashley heard someone calling her name and she lifted her head up.

Ellie was standing in front of the door, looking beautiful in a pink dress, and looking at her with a smile. Francis, who was standing behind Ellie, was wearing an elegant black shirt and slacks.

Seeing Fran

Ashley gave her, especially when Ashley looked so worried and concerned.

Seeing that Ellie seemed to agree with her, Ashley decided to change the subject and talk about other things. The two chatted happily for a while.

"Hi, Ashley and Ellie." A soft and nice voice interrupted the women. Quickly, a man appeared and came to them.

It was Greyson, whom Ashley had seen in the club the night before.

Hearing that, Ashley was about to turn around and greet him, but she stopped. She seemed to be thinking about something.

Ellie, on the other hand, couldn't help but smile happily in surprise. She questioned doubtfully, "Greyson, why are you here?"

Before Francis came with her, he called several good friends to come also, including Greyson. But they took separate cars and came from different locations, hence her surprise.

Ellie came with Francis while Ashley came with Andrew. So, they arrived at different times. As for Greyson, he just arrived there with his attendants.

Since Francis freely invited his friends, no one knew how many people would come, except for him.

Greyson quizzically glanced at Ashley and answered softly, "Francis asked me to come here. I thought I wouldn't make it but I managed to clear my schedule in time. I just arrived a few moments ago. It's great that I can meet you here. I didn't expect that we would see each other again so soon."

"Yes. It's good, isn't it? I heard from Ashley that the scenery here is breathtaking. Where are your friends? Did you come alone? Why are you not with them?" Ellie questioned.

Speaking of this, Greyson was a little angry. Since he originally had work to complete and managed at the last moment to clear his schedule, he thought he would arrive late. He expected to be the latest to arrive. But he didn't expect that he would be the first one here. No one but him was actually here!

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