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   Chapter 230 Arrival

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The first beam of sunlight came through the large French windows and lit up the whole bedroom.

On the fluffy white bed lay a slim woman. She was wrapped in a thin blanket and her face was half buried in the pillow. She held another pillow in her arms and was fast asleep. It looked like she was in the middle of a sweet dream.

A well-built, tall man walked out from the bathroom. His hair was still dripping with water. He had gorgeous features as if they had been carefully carved by a sculptor. Every line and angle was perfect and his dark eyes were set extraordinarily deep.

He watched the little figure in the bed and a gentle smile suddenly appeared on his cold, hard face.

He strolled over to the bed and gazed at Ashley who was still sleeping soundly. He wished that time would just stop here when the weather was nice and warm.

Even in her sleep, Ashley could sense that a pair of eyes were staring at her, so she turned her body, with some discomfort, to find out who it was. 'Who is this person who is awake so early in the morning to stare at other people? This guy must be insane, ' she thought hazily.

She was wearing flimsy summer shorts and when she changed her position, they rode up above her thighs and her creamy skin was exposed. Some black and blue marks also came into view.

Andrew stared at the marks and his eyes darkened immediately. He gulped hard and forced himself to avert his eyes.

He thought of the sweet hours he had spent with her last night and felt the need to take another cold shower.

"Ashley," he called softly.

"Yes?" She opened her eyes a little and gazed at him dreamily for a moment before closing her eyes again.

Andrew thought she was amusing. How could she be so cute?

"Wake up now. The sun is on your buttocks." He stroked her hair and tried to fix it with his fingers.

"No," she mumbled groggily.

And she rolled over and turned her back to him.

Andrew had no choice but to let her sleep for some more time.

Suddenly the phone rang and Ashley frowned. She pulled the blanket

Josef had seen the CEO being so attentive and caring towards anyone, especially a woman.

Josef's driving skills were excellent. Ashley didn't spill a drop of water during her meal.

She looked out of the window later and asked, "Where are we going, Andrew?"

"You'll know when we get there," he replied cryptically.

Ashley pouted and complained in her head, 'Why does he need to be so mysterious all the time?'

Her cell phone rang. It was Ellie. Ashley put it to her ear.

"Hi, Ellie, what's up?"

"Haven't you reached yet?" her best friend asked.


"Isn't Andrew taking you to some place? Where are you now? How much longer will you take?"

Ashley looked around out of the window. All she could see was trees and the road. She had no idea where she was at that point.

"Andrew, where are we now? And how long until we reach our destination?"

"Very soon."

Ashley said into her phone, "We will arrive soon, Ellie."

"Okay, I'll wait for you outside."

"Okay," replied Ashley.

After Ellie hung up, Francis folded his arms and stared at her. "How was it? I told you Ashley would come. I didn't lie to you." He lowered his voice for the last bit. Ellie didn't hear him very clearly, so she turned to look at him in puzzlement.

"Nothing. Let's go in now," said Francis.

"I'll wait here for Ashley," she said, shaking her head.

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