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   Chapter 229 My Child

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 9170

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Ivor took the cell phone and had a look at it. On its screen was a photo of a woman and a man. The woman was wearing a skimpy piece of clothing and leaning on the man in a way that suggested that they were intimate with one another. They seemed to be in a hotel room.

"This woman looks awfully familiar," said Ivor skeptically. After investigating the photo for a couple more minutes, Ivor muttered something to himself.

"She is the person in front of you right now," said Francis in a low voice.

Ivor's eyes widened in surprise. Quickly, he took a look at the photo on the phone once again. The woman on it had a very different style—she was dressed daringly, and her make-up was applied in such a way that made her look older than she really was. He wasn't able to recognize her at all.

The way she was wrapping her arms around the middle-aged man beside her also didn't seem like something the woman in front him would do. Such a thing could only be done by ladies of a certain reputation. So Ivor couldn't understand how the person in front of him, a lady who was wearing a white dress, looking all innocent and lovely, was the same person in the photo. In his mind, they couldn't be more different.

"Francis, where did you get this photo?" asked Ivor inquisitively.

Francis, on the other hand, didn't answer. Instead, he only gave him a look that conveyed how stupid he found his question was.

Ivor couldn't help but sigh deeply after being glanced at disdainfully. 'Can't someone ask a question around here?' he thought.

Francis looked at the woman again and said, "Are you sure the baby you're carrying is mine, and not another man's?"

The man the woman was with in the photo was a local movie director. He wasn't very famous, but since he had directed decent movies in the past, he was still considered a celebrity.

Now, the woman who was claiming that Francis had impregnated her was a D-list actress who had played a role in one of the movies directed by this director. As for how she got that role, anyone with a working brain would be able to figure it out without any difficulty.

The woman looked at Francis with pitiful eyes and said, "Francis, this baby is really yours. I have nothing to do with that guy anymore. You really have to trust me!"

She tried to reach out for Francis' hand, but he withdrew it before she could even get near it.

Embarrassed, she bit her lip.

On one fateful day, in an event organized by the director she was with in the picture, she saw Francis. He was handsome, and everyone seemed to respect him. Because of that, she started getting ideas. She knew she looked good, and that she could easily make Francis fall for her. Well, she was right. She succeeded in get

em!" she pleaded earnestly, grabbing Francis' sleeve.

"Don't be silly. I will wait for you outside. They won't do anything to harm you or the baby you're carrying. It's literally just a quick examination."

After a few more protestations, woman finally relented and went with the two middle-aged women into the operation room.

The two men exited the building for a quick smoke. The moment they found a place, Ivor took out a cigarette and gave it to Francis. "Francis, why did you knock her up? And she even came to this hospital. Aren't you afraid that she would spread your secrets or whatnot?"

Francis took a deep drag on his cigarette and then exhaled the smoke. "Do you think I'm that stupid?

Do you really think that I'd reveal my real identity to a woman I don't know?"

Once again, Ivor was choked by Francis' response.

Francis' head then started throbbing. He rubbed his temples to alleviate it, but it did nothing. Over the past few weeks, his headaches had been too frequent that he started feeling worried about it.

Ivor looked at him worriedly and said, "Francis, are you okay?"

"I am okay," Francis whispered, his eyes closed.

Despite not knowing his full story, Ivor was able to conclude that Francis must have been having a lot of trouble lately. But then again, this shouldn't be the first time for him.

"Francis, I know a great place where you could relax. Do you want to go try it? I guarantee that you'd have some fun there and get super relaxed," Ivor excitedly said.

"What kind of place is that?" Francis replied, still massaging his temples.

"It's a resort in a suburban area. It has great natural scenery and now is the best season to go there. I will send the details to you. Check it out and if you want to go, just let me know. I would arrange everything for you."

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