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   Chapter 228 Confronting

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When Francis walked into the ward, everything was a mess. Anything that could be broken had been smashed to pieces. The bed was the only thing that remained intact.

There was a woman lying face down in the bed. Just by looking at her form, one could tell that she must be a pretty woman.

In normal circumstances, Francis would have taken a good look at her, but right now he was very upset. He was so irritated that he didn't even glance at her, let alone admire her.

The mess in the room angered him even more. He kicked away something that was lying closest to his feet and stared at Ivor. "What the hell did you ask me to come here for?" he yelled, fuming.

Francis didn't try to lower his voice. He had kicked the object hard producing an equally loud sound. Fear gripped Ivor's heart with Francis' every moment.

He grabbed Francis' arm and said hastily, "Francis, please keep your voice down."

Ivor glanced at the woman who lay in the bed. He felt a little relieved when she showed no signs of waking up. It had taken him great efforts to appease her earlier.

"Francis, take a careful look at that woman. Does she look familiar to you?" said Ivor.

Francis remained silent. He had a desire to break Ivor's head at that moment. The oaf expected him to recognize this woman just by looking at her back!

"So that's what you asked me to come here for? To see the back of a person?"

Ivor didn't understand why he was so irritated, so he nodded earnestly.

Francis tried to suppress the rage in his heart. He shot one more angry look at Ivor, and then turned around to leave.

Ivor of course wouldn't let Francis leave this way. It had not been easy for him to get Francis to come here in the first place. How could he let him leave just like that?

He stood there helplessly wondering what to do when they both heard a gentle and enthusiastic voice. "Francis!"

Ivor winked at him and silently mouthed, "Francis, it is your old lover." His lips moved without making any sound.

Francis watched Ivor who tried ve

d has anything to do with you." She bit her lip and tears swelled her eyes. She watched Francis dolefully.

"Francis!" Ivor felt sympathetic towards the woman.

Francis kept his eyes on the woman and asked, "So you don't want an abortion?"

The woman bit her lip and didn't reply. Her expression made it clear that she didn't want the abortion.

Francis drew his attention back to his cell phone and started typing on it.

Ivor was puzzled. 'What is he doing now? Why aren't they discussing this further? What is he doing on his cell phone?'

Francis was busy tapping away on the screen. He suddenly held up the cell phone and showed it to the woman. "You said the baby was mine. Then who is this guy?

Don't tell me that this woman isn't you."

The blood drained off her face, but her hands responded faster than her brain. She reached out to grab the cell phone and said, "No, Francis! I can explain..."

Francis glared at her and moved his arm back to keep the cell phone out of her hands. The woman missed and staggered. She almost fell down to the floor.

Ivor was curious and asked, "Francis, what is that? What did you just you show her? Can I have a look?"

Francis shot him a glance and tossed the cell phone to him.

Ivor was one of the few guys at the hospital who knew Francis' real identity. So he knew quite a lot about him.

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