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   Chapter 227 A Love Affair

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 9256

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Inside the Starlight Club, the colorful lights were shining brightly, illuminating its patrons' bodies as they danced the night away. Even the drinks looked more seductive under the lights.

Throughout the whole club, the music was thumping loud but not deafening. However, it was enough to make a tipsy customer lose his or her inhibitions more. There were also sexy dancers flaunting what they had on stage as men ogled their hearts away. They looked dangerous, but lust had already blocked their audience's eyes.

Every corner of this place was filled with alcohol and sex.

This place was where people stripped their rationality and morality.

Walking in, Francis found himself not fitting in like he used to. With that, he couldn't help but scowl.

At one moment, as he was walking through the thick crowds, he found himself lost and confused. He couldn't find his way—where he was going, and where he was from. From a distance, though, someone was observing his every move. After a few moments, that person finally walked up to him.

Francis used to be a frequent visitor of the club. Because of his wealth, women were dying to spend a night with him. Seeing how disconcerted he was, the manager couldn't help but be confused as well.

"Hey, Francis! It has been a while since I last saw you. You look great! How have you been?"

The manager was a middle aged man, probably around his 40s. He had weight on him, but not in a way that made him look heavy or slow. He looked sharp, and although he was smiling at Francis, danger was in his eyes.

Without responding, Francis just smiled at him slightly, nodded, and walked straight to the room on the third floor.

The room had everything a person would possibly need. As Francis entered, he immediately grabbed a bottle of wine and chugged it down. He was so focused on downing the alcohol that it was hard to tell what was on his mind.

Suddenly, someone knocked on

the door.

"Come in," Francis said, wiping a bit of wine that spilled onto the sides of his mouth.

With that, the manager Francis met earlier waked in. A gorgeous woman was behind him.

"Francis, she is here," he said.

Francis replied, "Okay, you may leave."

The manager nodded and started heading out. Before he left, though, he eyed the woman intensely, as if reminding her to make sure to serve Francis well.

The woman wore a tight small red dress that accentuated her voluptuous figure incredibly well.

Her blonde hair was meticulously curled so that it would gracefully cascade down her back. As the manager went out, she flashed Francis a naughty smile.

The make-up she had on her was perfect. Her impeccable red lips made her irresistible to the opposite sex.

Despite all of that, the only person

speratedly, wanting to get to the bottom of what was happening.

Francis was too busy to stop and respond to the man. But as he didn't want to get the woman in trouble, he decided to respond to the manager. "She's fine. Something just came up and I have to go. I will be back, though."

With that, the manager sighed a breath of relief. He thought his girls were failing him! "Have a nice evening, Francis!" he said, as he bid one of his best customers goodbye.

It was about ten o'clock at night when Francis arrived at the hospital.

He didn't really want to be at a hospital. He especially hated it if he didn't know what was happening and why he apparently had to hurry there.

Francis was not in a good mood before he got to the hospital, but now, he was angry. If the man on the phone earlier couldn't give him a good explanation as to why he forced him to hurry here, he might end up punching him in the face.

The second he walked in, his phone rang. "Francis, we are at Room 301," the man on the other end of the line hurriedly said.

Francis didn't utter a single word. He just hung up and walked to Room 301.

The moment Francis saw the door to the said room, a young man walked up to him and grabbed his arm, saying, "Thank God you are here! You have to hurry up and take a look inside the room!"

"Take a look at what?" Francis asked, mad and confused. What baffled him more was that the third floor was for women's care. He didn't know why he had to go there.

Not getting the answers he wanted, Francis rolled his eyes, jerked his arm back, and turned around. He was about to leave.

"Hold on, please! Francis, you have to take a look at her! This is very important for you, too!" the young man pleaded, once again grabbing Francis' arm. He was now pulling hard at it, trying to get Francis to enter Room 301.

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