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   Chapter 225 A White War

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6131

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Andrew took Ashley's hand and walked into the villa as if he didn't see the two people standing before him.

At Andrew's arrival, Clyde walked up to him and said, "Hello, Mr. Lu."

Andrew cast a glance at him but didn't say anything.

Clyde, on the other hand, felt that Andrew's face was like a boulder—expressionless and bland—which made him lower his head subconsciously.

"Mr. Lu, I'm Clyde Luo from the Luo Group. We met at a party recently. Can I have a talk with you privately?"

Clyde had tried to contact Andrew before but it was extremely hard to get an appointment with such a big shot.

Moreover, Andrew didn't seem to want to see him. No matter what Clyde did, he couldn't get into the Lu Group, let alone met Andrew.

Clyde had no choice but to turn up at Andrew's house to meet him. He had asked around among his friends and social relations to find out where Andrew lived, and it had taken him a lot of money and energy to meet him.

Of course, Ashley spotted Clyde and Raymond standing nearby.

Raymond had not taken his eyes off her since he had seen her again.

Ashley looked at Raymond without emotion, as if the man standing opposite her was a stranger.

Suddenly, Ashley felt Andrew grip her hand tighter. She turned to look at him and found that he looked unhappy, his lips pressed tightly together.

Ashley hesitated for a moment, thinking that maybe she should leave. After all, they were going to talk about work.

Andrew, on the other hand, was thinking of throwing Raymond out. He wanted to hide Ashley from them. Anyone!

Ashley tried to extract her hand from Andrew's grip. "You guys keep talking, I'll go in."

But Andrew held Ashley even tighter. He didn't want to let her go at all.

Ashley whispered, "Andrew."

"Don't worry. I don't know them," Andrew replied. His tone

forming on his forehead.

Clyde hurried over to Raymond and hastily said, "Mr. Lu, my son is talking nonsense. You and Ashley love each other, a perfectly matched couple, and Ashley is most willing to marry you."

Clyde wiped the sweat off his forehead as he spoke to Andrew, and grabbed Raymond's hand as a hint, hoping he would realize what he was doing.

Their priority was to save the Luo Group rather than being obsessed with personal relationships.

At the party, everybody had seen that Andrew was protective of Ashley. But Raymond was asking for trouble by talking like this before Andrew and Ashley.

Andrew was silent, merely looking at Clyde and Raymond, his eyes empty of emotion now.

Clyde's legs were now trembling and he almost fell to his knees under such pressure. Raymond looked defeated too.

Ashley was afraid to see Andrew behave like this. But more than that, she was worried about him. She also didn't know why she felt her heart hurt like this.

"Andrew, are you okay?" Ashley moved towards Andrew and whispered to him.

She searched Andrew's eyes but when he didn't respond, she turned to Raymond and looked coldly at Raymond. She then said something that shocked him to no end.

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