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   Chapter 224 Unexpected Visitors

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"Are both of them your friends?" Ashley asked, after stepping out of the private room.

"Yeah. There is one more friend. I will introduce you to him next time," Andrew answered.

She didn't say anything to that. She didn't want to know these people who shared a similar social status as Andrew. She was someone who didn't like any trouble, preferring to lead a peaceful life.

Finally she answered, "Okay."

"Don't worry. They are all very good people." Andrew caressed her head softly. "If you have any trouble, you can also ask them for help."

Suddenly, something occurred to him and his eyes grew darker instantly.

Just when Ashley and Andrew stepped out, the back door of the private room opened and a handsome man stepped in.

He looked young, twenty-five or twenty-six at the most, and had an extremely gentle temperament. People couldn't help but be impressed by his personality as well as looks.

Jeremy suddenly craned his neck to look at the couple that walked out. The man and woman were walking side by side and they looked extremely harmonious and admirable.

His beautiful eyebrows wrinkled slightly and he held his chest, wondering what just happened.

Why did they look so familiar?

Before he could form his thought properly, Greyson rushed towards him and grabbed his hands. "Where were you? What took you so long?"

Jeremy replied, "There was some issue in my company. It's settled now."

He looked around but didn't find the person he was looking for. "Andrew hasn't come yet?" he asked with a frown.

They were members of four different families who shouldered various responsibilities. But they had grown to become very close friends over the years.

Greyson laid his head on the desk limply. "He did come, but left a moment ago."

"Oh, by the way, did you know that Andrew got married? He had come with his wife. What a pity, you didn't see her. She is really beautiful."

Greyson was enthusiastic again. After all, it wasn't the

nd rubbing his hands in anticipation. Without his usual high and vigorous spirits, there was no air of authority but decadence around him.

Raymond's eyebrows were knitted tightly. Perhaps he was thinking about some serious matter.

Suddenly they heard a car arriving. Clyde looked happily in the direction of the sound.

The car stopped by the side of the road. What first caught the eye were a pair of bright black leather shoes stamping on grass. Next were a pair of straight and powerful long legs. Finally, Andrew got out of the car.

He had strong facial features. His eyebrows were well-defined and his dark eyes were sharp, which gave him an air of majesty.

Suddenly he bent slightly. By the light, Raymond could clearly make out that Andrew was holding a white, slender hand in his own. Andrew was helping Ashley out of the car.

When Andrew offered his hand, Ashley was a little confused. She whispered, "I can do this by myself."

However, Andrew showed no intention of taking his hand back. Then, just pausing for a second or two, Ashley put her hand into Andrew's.

She got out of the car and saw the two people standing in front of the villa. She couldn't believe her eyes and immediately looked at Andrew. It was pretty hard to describe the look on his face.

Was he doing this on purpose?

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