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   Chapter 223 I Think I Fell For Her

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 5537

Updated: 2019-09-17 02:35

No one could set a trap for Francis except Greyson.

"Mr. Nan?"

Seeing Francis wordlessly standing there, the middle-aged man thought that he was probably not satisfied with these women.

"Mr. Nan, you can rest assured. They are all well-trained and I am sure you will be pleased."

Greyson urged Francis too. "Mr. Nan, how could you leave them standing there? Aren't you always kind to women?"

Francis smiled, as if about to reveal a great joke. "Greyson, this is actually a special gift for you. You turn 22 today. Everyone will laugh at you if they come to know that you haven't had sex until now. You're welcome, by the way. This is what I should do as your brother.

You can choose whoever you want. Just let me know if you do."

Greyson gnashed his teeth and said, "Should I say thank you?"

"You're welcome," Francis replied, looking at Greyson in amusement.

Ashley looked at all those beautiful women. There were all different types!

They were obedient to the middle-aged man. They stood behind him and didn't dare to glance around.

The clothes they wore, however, were very bold.

They were translucent, through which you could see what they wore underneath. Some had nothing on!

Ashley was watching them curiously when a hand covered her eyes and a cool voice said, "Don't look at them. They're filthy." 'Look at me.'

Andrew hadn't said the last sentence, but somehow, Ashley got what he meant. She blinked quickly and blushed.

It felt like her heart was itching for him. Andrew's eyes were fixed on Ashley's face, burning as never before.

Ashley, not accustomed to the sudden dark, blinked rapidly, her eyela

ven with Ashley now!

So boring. How could Ashley fall in love with him?" he said to Francis.

But there was no answer for a while. It was strange because Francis always disagreed with him and would definitely argue with him. But that was before.

Turning around, Greyson saw Francis holding his head in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, his eyes gazing at the wine glass. Greyson couldn't tell what he was thinking.

Greyson grabbed Francis' glass, waved a hand in front of his face, and asked, "What are you thinking? What's the matter?"

Francis didn't respond. He took the glass back from Greyson and gulped it all down.

"I think I've fallen for her," Francis said uncertainly.

"So you fell for a woman. What's the big deal?" Greyson laughed. "Isn't it normal? Who is it this time?"

Francis had never been with the same woman for a month straight. Maybe half a month, but never one.

He thought that a man and a woman just took what they wanted from each other. It was a matter of equality, he thought, snorting.

But to Greyson, frankly, Francis was just a playboy.

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