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   Chapter 222 Francis Looks For Trouble

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6518

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Inside the private room, Greyson sat on the couch, supporting his chin with one hand, with a glass of red wine in the other hand while keeping his eyes on the door.

He looked like a wife, who was waiting for her husband.

"Why hasn't Andrew come yet? Did he forget about it? I went to see him specially to remind him about today," he said.

Francis was sitting and a pretty girl was lying in his arms. The girl held a glass of wine and brought it to his lips.

She called out to him in a gentle voice, "Francis." Her voice was sweeter and softer than ice-cream.

And she looked at Francis with the same effect too.

He glanced at the pretty girl and didn't refuse the drink. He gulped the wine in one go.

He then spread both of his arms on the back of the couch and allowed the girl to do whatever she wanted to with his body.

When he heard Greyson's words, he chuckled and turned his very handsome and delicate face to him. "Is it because you are so ugly?"

Greyson flew into a rage and roared, "What do you mean, Francis? I dare you to say it again!

You girly swan! You are shameless enough to call me ugly."

"Anyway, I'm much more handsome than you, boy."

Greyson was just about to go up to Francis to punch him when the door of the room was pushed open.

Andrew walked in, followed by a girl, but she was blocked by him so the people in the room couldn't see who it was for a moment. They just got a glimpse of her figure.

Seeing Andrew, Greyson rushed forward with a sweet smile on his cute, childish face. "Hi, Andrew. You have finally come."

Upon hearing this voice, Ashley was puzzled. 'Why does the voice sound so familiar? It sounds like Greyson.'

But she dismissed this thought. 'Greyson came to J City to visit his relatives. How could he get involved with Andrew and his friends?'

Andrew returned Greyson's greeting briefly.

"Who is the person behind you, Andrew?" Greyson asked with curiosity.

o hang out with Ashley and didn't expect to see her again under such circumstances. He didn't even know how to explain it to her.

And now hearing Francis say this was just too much. He stared at him irritably and said, "It is none of your business."

Francis rubbed his nose while watching Greyson turn his back to him. He felt that the vibe between Greyson and Ashley was a little weird.

"Mr. Nan, here are the people we were instructed to bring. They have just arrived after having received some special training. You can be assured that they are clean and fresh."

It was a random middle-aged man. He clapped his hands and a few girls appeared behind him.

"Come in girls and meet Mr. Nan,"

he said to the girls in a stern voice.

"Hello, Mr. Nan," greeted the over-sweet and youthful voices simultaneously. They all turned their heads to Francis, who was sitting on the couch.

Francis was so scared of this turn of events that he almost slid from the couch and landed on the floor.

'Who doesn't know that Andrew dislikes women? We have never asked for escort girls when we have hung out in this kind of a club. Even if I wanted to commit suicide, I wouldn't do this in the presence of Andrew. Who the hell did this to me? I can think of the answer without using my head.'

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