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   Chapter 221 Childish

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Greyson was still in a daze when he left Andrew's office.

He was wondering why Andrew's expression was weird. It was cold and disapproving.

Greyson himself was the Little Devil of J City. If there was anyone who could afford to mess with him, it was Andrew.

But in Andrew's presence, Greyson behaved very well, like an obedient boy in front of his head master.

Then how could he cause him any discontent?

Greyson racked his brains, but couldn't figure out the true reason behind Andrew's bad attitude towards him. He would never in a million years be able to guess that it was because of an intimate photo of himself and Ashley. To make matters worse, Greyson had helped Ashley a lot.

Ashley sent a message to Andrew saying that the shop was busy and that she would probably work till 7 p.m. She asked Andrew not to come to pick her up.

Andrew was in a meeting when he received the message.

His cell phone beeped and he glanced at it casually. He thought it might be some advertisement, but when he saw the message, he paused for a while.

"Why did she send a message?"

A director was briefing the attendees on the business performance of the quarter when Andrew blurted it out suddenly. The whole room became silent; everyone looked at each other and didn't know what to say.

"Go on."

It was not until Andrew gave this command that the director continued his speech with a silent sigh of relief.

Andrew had never been in love before, so he hadn't chatted with girls via messages. He tended to make a call directly and settle whatever the issue was.

However, he was a smart person with extremely high IQ. He could use whatever new trendy apps came out within a few minutes without difficulty.

Andrew typed out a long paragraph, but after reading it again, he frowned and deleted it all. Then he just typed one word "Okay" and clicked "send."

He did this while also paying attention to the briefing in the meeting without missing an important point. He was able to multi-task easily.

After getting his reply, Ashley stared at the screen for a long t

oment later, something interesting happened. They were playing a silly mobile game together like a couple of teenagers. And laughter and giggles burst forth from time to time.

"Andrew! Here, click here."

"Click the fog!"

"Wow, you are doing great!"

Johnny, who was listening to the fun banter between husband and wife, was speechless.

He would have never believed that the CEO would play this kind of childish game.

But Ashley made everything possible.

A while later he parked the car at Chameleon Club and announced, "Mr. Lu, Miss Mu, here we are."

"What is this?" Ashley asked inquisitively.

Andrew stroked her head gently and explained, "This is owned by one of my friends. Today is his birthday."

They got out of the car and walked hand in hand into the club.

A man in his thirties or forties saw Andrew and came up hurriedly to greet him. "Hello, Mr. Lu."

"Hi," Andrew replied.

The man seemed stunned to see Ashley beside Andrew. He just stared at her blankly and forgot to draw his attention back, until an icy look struck him like a knife, startling him and forcing him to avert his gaze.

Not knowing why people always looked at her strangely when she was with Andrew, Ashley gave him a faint smile.

But she soon felt her hand being gripped tighter by Andrew. She turned around and saw his lips purse into a thin line for some unknown reason.

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