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   Chapter 219 Lena Pretended To Make A Concession

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"Humph!" The man sneered and then let go of Lena.

She stumbled, almost falling to the ground. Raymond was so lost in thought that he didn't help her.

She lowered her head, trying to hide the anger in her eyes.

She then looked up at Raymond pitifully and reached out to hold his hand. "Raymond, believe me, please. I didn't scold them."

"Why are you here?" he asked.


She was flustered but quickly regained her composure. She replied sadly, "A few days ago, I misunderstood Ashley at the party. I felt sorry for that and wanted to apologize to her.

But as you know, she doesn't like me. I can't contact her. So, I only came here to see if I could meet her.

I didn't expect to be stopped outside. As for the thing that happened later, you have seen it all yourself."

Raymond couldn't help feeling tired at this. He frowned and nodded at her impatiently.

The Luo family was in trouble at that point. He had been busy dealing with all kinds of things. He had no energy to think so much.

Ashley was always at her cake shop during the day. This was what Lena herself had told him. But she had come to the Lu Group to look for Ashley. It was obvious that she was here for some other reason.

Seeing Raymond's weary face, Lena asked with concern, "Aren't you feeling well?"

It seem as though she was really worried about him.

"I'm fine. Maybe I didn't sleep well last night. It doesn't matter. I will rest later," he said.

Despite what he said, it was hard for him to rest until the problems of the company were solved.

"How come you didn't sleep well? Raymond, how about I take you back so you can rest? You have dark circles around your eyes now," she said.

Raymond had pushed himself hard to come there. He needed to see Andrew and ask him why he was causing trouble for them. 'Is it really just because of Ashley? Or is there another reason?' he wond

She was outraged. 'He still cares more about Ashley than me, ' she thought.

Raymond regretted it the moment he said it. He knew that Ashley wasn't that kind of person and she would never treat Lena like that. So, he thought he subconsciously refuted Lena's accusation, but he had blurted it out.

"Lena, I'm sorry. I am not saying that you are lying. Maybe Ashley wasn't at the office when you went there," he explained.

Lena calmed herself down and concealed the anger in her eyes. She very well knew that Ashley wouldn't be at the Lu Group but at her cake shop. But she wasn't there to meet her, she was there for Andrew.

"Raymond, I know you still love Ashley. Our engagement is just a mistake. I have thought a lot and decided to cancel our engagement as long as you are happy.

You love her, and she loves you too. So, you don't need to worry about me. Go ahead and ask her to forgive you,"

she said slowly, and looked outside the window.

Raymond clenched the steering wheel tight, his veins turning blue and standing out on his hands. 'Is it possible that Ashley still loves me and will return to me?'

"Although Ashley is married now, she must have been forced to do so. I could feel clearly that she still loves you," Lena added.

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