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   Chapter 217 Asking For Trouble

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Looking around the hall, Andrew frowned when he didn't see Ashley.

Feeling equally anxious, Johnny walked to the front desk and asked, "Where is Miss Mu? Where is she?"


Surprised to see him there, the two girls at the front desk greeted him. They pointed at Lena, who was sitting on the sofa, in reply to his question.

"Johnny, it was her. She called herself Miss Mu and she has important things to talk with the president."

Luckily, the girl on the front desk was relieved as she had not offended Miss Mu.

If the president himself had come downstairs to meet her, Miss Mu must be somebody important.

It was also very important for them to have a professional instinct to distinguish people. Some people might not look very impressive, but they might have a very strong background.

Lena noticed Andrew immediately as he approached, mainly because he stood out in a crowd.

Glancing at the sofa, Johnny only saw a figure passing by him and making her way to Andrew.

Because Lena and Ashley looked similar in size, Johnny did not give it a second thought.

But he wondered since when did Ashley become so nice to the president.

As soon as she saw Andrew, she could not help jumping at him.

Andrew was a bit upset and angry at not being able to find Ashley, and more so when he saw a girl jump at him out of nowhere.

"Hello, Mr. Lu. I'm Lena from the Mu family. We met before in the banquet hosted by the Luo family," Lena introduced herself softly, standing right in front of Andrew, obstructing his path.

Although he had embarrassed her at the banquet last time, she blamed it on Ashley. 'She must have manipulated him, ' thought Lena.

Andrew calmly looked at her with his dark, piercing gaze.

That one glance told Lena's

eat her like this.

However, the security guards here were not scared by her. As the security personnel of the Lu Group, they enjoyed a much higher social status than their counterparts in other companies.

These guys were all professionally trained, so it was impossible for a delicate lady like Lena to get rid of them.

Watching Andrew walk into the lift, Lena suddenly yelled, "Andrew, I want to tell you something about Ashley.

I know you checked her background, but there is something you don't know about her. Don't you want to know everything about her?"

Lena shouted as loudly as she could.

Andrew continued walking to the lift without any hesitation and eventually left her sight.

Johnny came to Lena and looked down at her because of their height difference. "Miss Mu, are you done?"

Lena glared angrily at Johnny. If it weren't for him, she wouldn't have missed the opportunity to talk to Andrew.

"What do you want from me?" she yelled.

Johnny smiled, "That should be my question, Miss Mu, what are you doing at the Lu Group?"

Lena spat, "None of your business! This company is not yours. And why can't I be here?"

Johnny shrugged. "Meh."

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