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   Chapter 216 Got The Wrong Person

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Two girls in their twenties were sitting at the reception doing nothing but chatting.

"Have you heard? It's said that the daughter of the owner of the Feng Group has come back. Rumor has it that the Feng family and the Lu family will ally by marriage. Do you think that Miss Feng will become the wife of our CEO?"

"The daughter of the owner of the Feng Group? Oh, are you referring to Lesley Feng? The prettiest lady in J City?"

"Right. Who else could it be?"

"I think it's very possible. I have seen Miss Feng once from a distance. She deserves her reputation. She's extremely beautiful, and most of all, she has an elegant and noble air. Her manners are very graceful too."

"Then she should make a good match for our CEO."

"Wow, then our CEO will be taken. He won't be available to anyone else!" said one girl sadly.

The other girl glanced at her and said, "Isn't it good that he will be married? And I think only Miss Feng can bear him."

"Have you forgotten the incident with Carol? Carol still can't find a job. No company dares to hire her."

They knew from personal experience how horrible their CEO was. They couldn't even breathe freely in front of Andrew, as if they were afraid that their breathing would disturb him.

Upon hearing Carol's name, the girl who was glum paused for a while.

Lena reached the reception counter in time to hear the last sentence.

'Miss Feng? Who is she? Why not Ashley?

But this is even better. I thought Ashley must have tricked Andrew into marrying her. But who is this Miss Feng?'

The click-clack of her heels stopped the girls' conversation at the reception counter.

"Hello. How can I help you?"

"I want to see your CEO," she said assertively.

One of the girls wanted to roll her eyes at her but then judging by Lena's dress, she decided that she couldn't afford to offend her.

"Sorry, but do you have an appointment with hi

first time Ashley had come to see the CEO.

"Go down and bring her here," he instructed, but quickly he changed his mind. He frowned and said, "Maybe I'd better go to bring her myself."

Before Johnny could react, Andrew stood up and walked past him and left the room.

Johnny was speechless. He just wished he could find a place to hide.

He found that where Ashley was concerned, all rules and principles became invalid for the CEO.

He turned on his heel and followed his boss out.

In the lobby of the Lu Group, the two receptionists were now being very attentive and hospitable to Lena.

She was very pleased with this royal treatment. She thought that compared to her, Ashley was nothing.

"Hello, Mr. Lu."

"Hello, Mr. Lu."

Not far away, there was a stir. The reason was Andrew. The CEO was usually on the top floor but he had come downstairs today. He was walking fast and Johnny was following him behind closely.

People who happened to see them were all wondering what had happened to make the CEO come down in such a hurry.

Greyson saw Andrew and was just about to go up and say hello. He was there for the sole purpose of meeting him.

But he saw Andrew looking past him as if he was looking for someone and so he stopped and waited.

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