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   Chapter 215 Lesley Asked Susie About Andrew

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Susie couldn't help but blush shyly at Lesley's words.

She said no in a low voice, sat down and continued chatting with her friend.

Lesley took a sip of coffee leisurely. It was a little bitter but turned slightly sweet later.

"Susie, do you know what your brother is busy with lately?" asked Lesley.

"Lesley, you shouldn't tease me. You are the same! It seems that you miss my brother all day," she said playfully.

Andrew had been indifferent to others since childhood. So, he wasn't very close to his family.

He would only come home on festivals or if there was a problem that needed to be solved. He dealt with everything seriously without any emotion. When he completed his work, he left promptly.

As for the Lu family's house, he rarely went there to spend time with his family.

Susie was Andrew's sister, but they had different mothers. Sometimes, she felt that there was a certain distance between them.

So, Susie didn't really know much about her brother. Plus she was afraid of him.

Susie said, "My brother? Isn't he at the company every day? Did something happen? Why are you asking about him?"

Lesley stirred the coffee in the cup, and replied, "I saw a woman around him. They seemed intimate," she said with uncertainty.

Lesley didn't tell her directly about the wedding band she saw on his ring finger.

People don't wear a ring casually on their ring finger. Thinking of the only possible reason, Lesley was a little flustered. She was afraid of hearing something that she hadn't expected from Susie.

But she wanted clarifications. She wanted answers.

'It doesn't matter even if Andrew is married.

It's possible for him to get a divorce.

Anyway, I am the best match for him. And his wife can only be me!' thought Lesley determinedly.

Susie had a good memory. Lesley's comment reminded her of the woman she met when she had gone to Andrew's villa to ask something about Jeremy.

Moreover, Andrew had yelled at her for

ized, "Sorry, lady. I didn't know that you were here with Mr. Yun. Come in, please," he said obediently.

His attitude had changed instantly. Lena immediately turned around, wanting to see who this man was and why he was helping her.

The man had a cute baby face, his eyes were clear and his skin fair, without any blemish. One felt protective of him at first sight. Feeling Lena's gaze on him, he looked up and smiled at her, revealing two little fang-like teeth.

'He's so beautiful!' she thought.

She was fascinated by the smile.

When she came to her senses and looked carefully, she was surprised. 'Wasn't he the guy who was at the supermarket with Ashley a few days ago? He had embarrassed me at that time.

Why is he here? And why did the security guard talk to him so respectfully?' she wondered.

She frowned. Just as she was about to speak, Greyson cut in, "You are Ashley's sister, right? You are welcome."

Greyson looked lovely and inoffensive. So, Lena swallowed her words. 'Maybe he won't do anything bad to me anymore. The most important thing now is to meet Andrew and make him fall in love with me, ' she thought shrewdly.

Keeping the purpose of her visit in mind, Lena glared at Greyson, and walked past him haughtily.

Greyson narrowed his eyes as he looked at Lena's receding figure.

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