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   Chapter 214 Behaved Like Being Bullied

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It was not until now that Andrew finally showed some reaction. He turned to look at her, his eyes steady and expression unreadable.

Ashley was speechless!

She flinched under his unwavering gaze.

She pushed aside the thoughts racing through her mind and reached for his hand. "Come now, eat something, please?" she urged.

There was a small coffee table beside the desk and some books and papers were piled on top of it. Ashley put them away and dragged Andrew to the couch. She placed the food in front of him.

Andrew looked at her quietly and then quickly turned to the food. Something flashed in his eyes but it disappeared so quickly that it was hard to catch it.

He then picked up the chopsticks and obediently started to eat.

Ashley was relieved when he took his first bite.

He could be very stubborn but she wasn't going to let his health suffer because of her.

When Claire told her that Andrew hadn't eaten anything since morning, her heart clenched and she started to worry.

Andrew's movements were graceful. He had an air of elegance like the nobility.

His manners were flawless unlike her even when he was eating. He ate soundlessly. It was an pleasure just to watch him eat.

Ashley rested her chin on her hands and watched him. 'How could a man be so handsome and so charming?' she thought to herself dreamily.

Before she knew it, Andrew had finished eating his meal and suddenly turned to look at her.

Ashley wasn't quick enough to avert her eyes, and their eyes met.

She was startled but hurriedly looked away, trying to appear casual.

But her heart was beating wildly in her chest.

When she saw that Andrew was about to go back to his computer after eating, she grabbed his hand without thinking. "Andrew, I have something to say to you," she said.

His eyes fell on her hand and she immediately let go of his wrist.

"I can explain what happened last evening.

My brother Ron came back to town a couple of days ago. And we hadn't

id have some impression about him because they all belonged to the enterprises in the same market.

Jeremy looked sweet and elegant, and was very polite and respectful to everyone, but deep down people felt he was cold and aloof.

Thinking about Jeremy, Lesley was convinced that Andrew was more suitable for her than him, though he, too, looked cold and never spoke unnecessarily.

"Lesley? Lesley?"

Susie called out, seeing that her friend was lost in her own thoughts.

Lesley drew her attention back to Susie. "Well, what is it?"

"You haven't answered my question yet. What should I gift him?"

"As the son of the Gu family and the CEO of the Gu Group, I'm sure he doesn't need anything.

In this scenario, you should use your mind. Observe what he likes and think about it.

Maybe a watch or a tie, or something like that. Oh, or you can bake him a cake too."

"You're right," said Susie, clapping her hands happily. "Why didn't I think of this? Thank you, Lesley. I'll go and start making preparations for it."

She stood up to leave. "Why are you in such a hurry? There is a plenty of time. Don't you want to catch up with me? We haven't met for so long!

Now that you have a boy you like, you're just going to dump me like trash?" asked Lesley, obviously annoyed at her friend's selfish behavior.

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