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   Chapter 211 Desire To Be In Possession

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Ashley was lost in thought as she saw Ron's back.

Her intuition told her that he was a different man now, but she couldn't pinpoint exactly why.

Time had passed and they all had changed. She, too, was no longer what she used to be, but she didn't realize that.

She supported her head in her hands and looked out of the window. Nobody knew what was on her mind.

Ron was unsteady on his feet in the washroom. He ran the water and cupped his hands under it, splashing the cold refreshing water onto his face. Looking at himself in the mirror, he found that he was no longer the calm, refined man that he usually was.

Ashley's words echoed in his head, making him absent-minded. He couldn't push them out of his mind.

Her words pierced his heart like a million thorns.

He was not able to calm himself down for a long time.

Outside, in the restaurant, the meal was ready, but Ron still hadn't come out.

Staring in the direction of the washroom, Ashley was starting to get a little worried, especially when she recalled Ron's pale face. She pursed her lips and made a decision to call him up.

She was anxiously waiting for the phone to connect when Ron emerged from the bathroom. She ran to him and asked with concern, "Ron, are you okay? Why did you take so long in the washroom?"

He nodded and smiled gently, pretending to be calm and collected in front of Ashley. "I'm fine. Sorry to have worried you."

"Well, come on. Let's enjoy the meal," Ashley said and held his hand.

He lowered his head and saw that his hand was in hers. The events of the past popped into his mind, and he couldn't help but hold her hand tighter.

Ashley, whose mind was set on the meal, didn't notice this.

This was her favorite restaurant, and it was famous for its delicious, spicy food. They enjoyed the meal very much. Although her mouth was burning, she was very happy.

Ron stared at her as she sipped water and her mouth became rosy an

What worried him was the man with Ashley.

He crossed his arms across his defined chest, power and fury radiating off of him.

Johnny stepped forward and asked, "Mr. Lu, is there anything I can do to help?"

"Give me your phone!"

"Huh? Okay." Johnny took out his phone and gave it to his boss.

Our of the corner of his eye, he saw that Andrew had clicked on the dial button and typed a series of numbers before pressing the call button.

Ashley's phone rang once again. She slowly answered it.

"Where are you?" a voice demanded.

'It's the man who called me just now. Why did he sound so familiar?' she thought, her mind going blurry.

She was so drunk that she couldn't think clearly. Then she passed out without answering him.

Ron stood up and took over her phone. "Hello, I'm Ashley's brother. May I ask who I am talking to?"

Andrew was stunned for a second when he heard the deep voice. He couldn't help but clench the phone tighter. Seeing that his phone was going to break, Johnny reminded him in a low voice, "Mr. Lu..."

He had bought the phone only last week.

It would be a financial blow to him if Andrew broke it.

Andrew came back to his senses when he heard Johnny's voice. He loosened his grip on the phone and replied coldly, "Hello, I am Ash's husband."

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