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   Chapter 210 I'm Married

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Ashley had heard about the crisis that happened in Ron's company the other day, but she thought he was busy dealing with it, so she didn't want to bother him. Now that he brought it up, she couldn't help but feel worry.

"How's it going with the company? Is everything okay now? Did you find that director?"

Ron did not mean to hide it. Besides, he had informed the reporters, so it was unsurprising that she knew about it.

He looked at Ashley, who was concerned about him, and shook his head. "It's all good now, though the director remains missing."

Nobody knew where the director, who ran away with the money, was hiding.

Ron knew it must take some time to locate him; he could wait.

Ashley frowned. She looked at Ron with a puzzled expression. "He was already a director in the RA Group with a good position. Why would he choose to run away with the money just like that?"

Ron shook his head and replied, "I'm not quite sure either."

He was confused too. This happened just as he had come back to town.

But he hadn't told anyone that he was coming back.

Who would do this to the RA Group?

The company's business had been booming lately and it was thanks to Ron's ethics. He always placed high value on integrity and relationships. What was more, he did not make enemies with other companies. Then why would someone target the RA Group?

Noticing Ashley's hesitation and confusion, Ron smiled and said gently, "Forget about it! Or you'll be getting old faster. Look, there are new wrinkles on your face."

She knew he was making fun of her. She laughed and said, "It is not that bad."

"Ron, is there something you want to ask me about?" she asked when she

ey looked up at Ron when she finished her musings.

He looked pale. His mouth was set in a thin line and his body was trembling as if he was in great pain.

"Ron! What's wrong? Aren't you feeling well?" She was startled. She came over to his side quickly and looked at him anxiously.

Ron looked down and saw his face reflected in her eyes. It seemed pale and vulnerable.

He tried hard to suppress the pain and smiled at her. "I'm good. Just need some air."

His voice sounded weak and empty. Ashley was seriously worried about him now.

She pursed her lips and said, "Ron, I think we'd better go to the hospital. You don't look very well. Don't try to fool me."

He held her hand. "No, no, I'm good," he insisted as his grip on her hand tightened.


Ron, you are hurting me," Ashley cried out, frowning.

He immediately stopped and let go of her hand. "I'm sorry Ashley. Are you okay? Let me check."

"I'm good. But I think you really need to see a doctor, Ron," she replied.

"I'm fine. I think what I need right now is a restroom,"

he said as he stood up and walked toward the washroom.

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