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   Chapter 209 Ashley’s Brother

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Francis gazed affectionately at Ellie, but didn't say a word. And it would have been impossible for Ellie to ignore Francis even if she had tried her best.

Ellie stopped what she was doing, walked up to Francis, and said bluntly, "What do you want to talk about?"

As he watched Ellie walk up to him, Francis sat up, trying to pull himself into a semblance of dignity. "I was worried that you would never talk to me," he said.

'Given the choice, I would never talk to you, ' Ellie thought.

Seeing that Ellie was becoming impatient, Francis came straight to the point.

He took out his mobile phone, clicked on the photo he had taken at the airport, and showed it to Ellie. "Look at this photo."

Ellie glanced at the photo impatiently. She was about to look away but she noticed something that caused her to go back and look at it more carefully.

Seeing her facial expressions, Francis was sure that Ellie knew who the man was.

Francis withdrew his hand, looked at Ellie, and asked curiously, "It seems you are familiar with this person. The woman in this photo is Ashley. But who is that man? What is the relationship between them? They seemed close."

Ellie turned to look at Francis, whose eyes were glimmering with curiosity, and said, "So what? It doesn't matter whether I know or not. Moreover, why should I tell you?"

"Ashley is my best friend's wife. But she and that man seemed way too close. You don't want me to tell Andrew, right? Imagine the conflict that could rise between them!"

Francis wasn't saying that he was curious about the answer. He was instead going the roundabout way, trying to get an answer from Ellie by arousing her concern for Ashley and Andrew.

Ashley had been married to Andrew for a short while, and Ellie somehow knew that Andrew treated Ashley well.

She certainly didn't want them to quarrel.

Although Ellie could feel Ron's love for Ashley, she knew that the vice versa wasn't true. Love had nothing to do with the duration for which people knew each othe


Ashley found this to be true because every time Ashley could find him at first glance.

There was no exception.

Ron had treated her well, like she was his biological sister, even though she had only been adopted by the Mu family. Ashley relied on him because she regarded him as her brother.

While Ashley was lost in thought, Ron turned, feeling Ashley's gaze on him. As he found her, Ron smiled gently.

Ashley came to her senses at his attention. She smiled and walked over to him.

"Ron, have you been waiting for long?" Ashley asked as she sat opposite Ron.

Ron poured tea into Ashley's cup and said gently, "No. I just arrived.

I've ordered the dishes you like. They should be here soon."

"Thank you, Ron. You are still as considerate as before," Ashley smiled at Ron playfully.

Ron smiled but didn't say anything.

Ashley wondered if she was overthinking. She felt that there was a little hurt in Ron's eyes.

He was looking at her with intensity in his eyes from time to time.

Ashley picked up the cup on the table and took a sip of the tea. She looked at Ron, a comforting smile on her face. "Is anything wrong, Ron? Are you alright?

You don't seem yourself today,"

Ashley asked, concerned.

"Don't worry. I'm just a little tired from handling the business recently. It's been busy," said Ron.

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