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   Chapter 207 A Press Conference

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Originally it was believed that Spencer would not ask for so many details. But it seemed that he wanted to know everything.

Ron licked his lips nervously, and finally told him the entire story.

Spencer was undoubtedly furious after hearing what happened.

He said without any hesitation, "All this was done by that director. They should find him. Why would they go after the RA Group?

Anyway, the director must be found as soon as possible and made to spit out the money. And again, this matter can't be closed like this. It must be thoroughly investigated!"

Ron nodded his head, and said, "But the most important thing right now is to return the money. Otherwise, it will ruin RA Group's reputation.

Those went to the company offices, and many employees were whispering about it among themselves.

Meanwhile, that director has borrowed the money in the name of RA Group."

In the beginning, no one knew such a thing would happen. It all happened so suddenly that it was impossible to prevent it.

"They all know my identity now. If we don't pay back the money in time, it will not only affect the RA Group, but also the Mu Group."

Spencer became silent as he contemplated the implications of Ron's words.

In the end, he agreed to give Ron the money tomorrow at the latest.

Ron nodded. He had no other choice but to turn to Spencer for help. The RA Group had no money now. All he could think of was the Mu Group.

After Ron left, Spencer sat on the sofa and thought about it for a while. Finally, he made a call to the Luo family.

The phone was answered by Clyde, who sounded weary.

Spencer asked out of concern, "What's wrong with you, Clyde?"

On the other side of the line, Clyde went silent for a second. "I'm okay, bu

ind of brother cared so deeply about everything related to Ashley? He even went against Lena for Ashley's sake. Considering the things he had done for her, how could she think it was out of kinship? Ashley was too naive to notice anything.

Early the next morning, many reporters were invited to the RA Group by Ron, together with those who besieged the company yesterday.

In the office, Ron sat in the front, surrounded by the same group of people who were asking for money yesterday.

Some of them whispered, "How did he not know it? Will we get our money now?"

"Who knows? Let's see what he says. There are so many reporters here. It's definitely not a good time to deny it."

Ron seemed indifferent to all these whispers.

He calmly announced, "I am very grateful that you all have come here today and that you believe in me.

I will settle the money RA Group owes you later on the condition that you have strong evidence. Our company won't take the blame for others!

Also, Director Zhang was working for the RA Group before. But we didn't know about his underhanded deeds. By the time we realized what he had done, he had disappeared with all the money."

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