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   Chapter 206 Borrowing Money

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As soon as Ron and Spencer sat down on the sofa, Peggy asked them to come to the dining room. It was time for dinner. So they didn't get a chance to talk much.

Peggy had laid out quite a spread. There were many of Ron's favorite dishes and Peggy served him with gusto.

"Ron, taste it. I remember you used to like my sweet and sour fish. Taste it and tell me whether it is the same as before."

Peggy happily served him the special fish, using chopsticks.

He looked at the fish in his bowl, and said to Peggy with a smile, "Thank you, Mom."

After dinner, all of them sat in the living room and watched TV together. Spencer and Ron chatted with each other from time to time.

Ron had always been an excellent son since childhood, never worrying Spencer. When Ron returned from abroad, Spencer was very happy.

"So, have you decided yet? Have you decided to work with me in my company to help me?" Spencer asked, looking at Ron expectantly.

Before he could speak, Peggy immediately responded, "Yes! You should listen to your father. Now that you are back, you should join your father's company to help him. He works very hard every day…"

Peggy kept nagging for a long while but Ron didn't react. She was becoming anxious.

'How can you be absent-minded at such an important time? In fact, you should be more eager than me since it's beneficial to you!' she thought.

"Ron, what's on your mind? Why aren't you saying anything?" she asked loudly.

Finally, Ron replied helplessly, "Mom, don't be so anxious."

His words didn't calm Peggy. She felt that it would be better if Ron came into power in the Mu Group as soon as possible. Spencer didn't have a mistress so her insecurities didn't arise from there, but still, it would make her feel better if Ron took over the company. After that, their family would be more financially stable.

Ron looked at Spencer and said, "Dad, I have to talk to you alone. How about we go to the study now?"

Spencer did not refuse. He nodded, stood up and went to the study on the second floor with his son.


s for any help!"

He was elated, but Spencer didn't forget what Ron had just said.

"If you have founded a company by yourself, why are you asking me for money? Is there something wrong with the financial state of the company?" Spencer inquired.

He couldn't think of any other reason for Ron's need to borrow money from him.

Ron said, "Well. There is something wrong with the company. But it isn't a financial problem."

"So then what happened? Maybe I can give you some business advice." He took Ron's hand and sat down on the sofa together.

Ron pressed his lips tight. "Don't worry. There are some problems within the company. But they will be solved soon."

Spencer regarded his son but didn't say anything.

Ron also fell silent. He knew his father well.

If he found out that one of the company's directors had run away with the money, he might not give him the money.

So, he decided to withhold that information from his father and instead just tell him that there were some problems within the company.

However, Spencer was experienced in the competitive world of business. He could read Ron's mind easily.

He said gently, "I have experienced more than you. And I know what you are thinking. So, tell me the truth. What happened to the company?"

'He wouldn't ask me for help unless he isn't able to solve the problem himself, ' thought Spencer.

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