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   Chapter 205 Make A Match

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This was the first time that Abby had seen Lena keeping a long face. "What's wrong with you?" she asked out of curiosity.

Lena shook her head and replied, "I'm fine. Look, we are almost there. Let's go."

Although Abby was confused, she didn't pursue it further since Lena had changed the topic.

She blushed when she recalled the man they just met.

She had heard something about the RA Group from her family before, but she had never expected the CEO of the company to be so young and handsome. Besides, he was the brother of her best friend—Lena.

Abby bit her lower lip and looked at Lena with uncertainty. She wanted to know everything about him, but she had no idea how to ask her.

Finally, she took a deep breath and asked, "Lena, is that your brother's company?

He has his own company at such a young age, and the company runs smoothly under his management. He's so promising! Your brother is so impressive!"

Lena only knew that Ron had his own company today, and she thought Abby just said it casually. She smiled at her but paid no attention to her compliments.

It was normal to be curious about an admirable man, so Lena didn't think anything much about Abby's comments.

After a while, Lena realized that Abby could hardly open her mouth without talking about her brother.

In fact, the cake put before them was Abby's favorite, but she didn't focus on it at all.

Lena understood the psyche of women very well, being one herself! She narrowed her eyes as she looked at Abby. "You have a crush on my brother, don't you?" she asked suddenly.

She didn't refer to Ron as brother at home because she thought he was Ashley's brother and not hers. He treated Ashley so well, even better than how Ashley treated him. Lena always complained of his partiality.

But outside, in front of others, she called him br

er-in-law in the future.

Ron went home after handling the company's affairs, and he happened to meet Peggy when he entered.

She looked at him in surprise and asked, "I thought you were resting in your room! Where did you go?"

"There was something I needed to handle. Oh, where is Dad? Has he come back yet?" said Ron.

"You've just come back home. What's the thing you had to deal with so urgently? You should take rest at home for a while and not be bothered by anyone or anything.

Your dad has come back. He is reading newspaper in the living room. Dinner is almost ready, and it's all your favorite dishes." Peggy went to the kitchen in haste after saying that.

She had cooked it all by herself as Ron had come back home today. She believed a sumptuous meal would make her son feel good.

Lena walked into the living room after Ron. She stopped for a few seconds when she saw him, but left without saying anything.

She had come back home before Ron. After the afternoon tea with Abby, they did a little shopping and went home.

Spencer was happy when he saw Ron. He asked his son to sit beside him. "You haven't been home for so many years. Finally, you have come back."

Ron nodded and smiled brightly.

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