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   Chapter 204 Love At First Sight

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"Lena, what happened? Why are there so many people?" Abby asked as she tugged at Lena's sleeve. She was confused at the crowd in front of the RA Group.

She had heard of the RA Group, which had grown from being an obscure small company to a well-known one in just four years.

Her father mentioned it many times, and that was saying a lot, which meant that she was now impressed with the company.

Lena followed Abby's eyes to the crowd, but didn't expect to see a familiar figure.

Lena had been in a bad mood once she had left home. She had asked Abby to go shopping together in the hope that she would feel better then. She had heard of a new restaurant that had recently opened here and that its food was delicious. So they decided to visit it.

The RA Group was located next to a very busy commercial street, which meant that Lena and Abby's passing through here was a normal coincidence.

Although the man standing there was surrounded by a lot of people, Lena recognized him immediately.

Ron! He was just in Ashley's bedroom!

How could he be here now?

Lena frowned. Although Ron had always been snarky towards her, he was her brother after all. She had to figure out what was going on since he was surrounded by so many people.

"Abby, I have something to deal with. Wait for me here and I'll be back in a minute," Lena said hurriedly to Abby and walked towards Ron.

"Wait, Lena..." Abby looked at Lena's retreating back and tried to stop her, but in vain.

Because of her petite stature, Lena easily squeezed into the crowd and walked up to Ron's side. "Ron, why are you here?"

The assistant standing next to Ron was the first to see Lena. His eyes lit up as if he had seen a savior. "Miss Mu!"

Ron turned to Lena and frowned. "Why are you here? You shouldn't be here. Go away!"

Ron wanted to drive Lena aw

mean?" Lena asked cautiously as she stared at the shopping card in her hand.

Ron's voice was very gentle as he said, "Buy whatever you want."

Ron knew that Lena was not short of money and the Mu family would not treat her badly. But he was her brother and thought it was natural to do that.

Lena was still looking at Ron, surprised. Why had he suddenly become so kind?

"What's wrong?" he asked, concerned at Lena's speechlessness.

Lena shook her head and pulled Abby away, the shopping card tightly in her hand.

A plethora of emotions cut through her, making her mood so complicated she couldn't tell what it was she was really feeling.

After walking for some distance, Lena finally let go of Abby's hand.

"Was that your brother?" Abby asked.

Lena rubbed at the shopping card in her hand and nodded.

"Why have you never mentioned him?"

"He went abroad a few years ago and seldom came to visit, which was why I didn't mention him. He came back only today."

Abby looked at Lena with envy. "Your brother is so kind to you. You are so lucky. I want such an elder brother too.

But I only have a naughty little brother."

Abby's words caused Lena's mood and mind turn sour and she sneered coldly.

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