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   Chapter 203 Unreasonable Requests

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Ron was amazingly capable. The RA Group had turned out to be a dark horse among its peers, rising in just four years, though there was still a gap between it and the Mu Group or the Luo Group.

So when people heard "the RA Group," nobody suspected anything and lent their money to the director.

The money wasn't an issue for them and the interest rate the director had offered wasn't bad. It was like killing two birds with one stone. Who wouldn't want it?

Lending some money to the RA Group, building a relationship with it, and at the same time making some easy money were indeed a good bargain.

So they had lent him the money without hesitation. But when a long time passed and they didn't get back their money, they started to become anxious, which was the reason behind today's incident.

Ron thought for a moment and then said to his assistant, "Take me to see them. I'll talk with them."

"You can't do that, Mr. Mu. All they are thinking about right now is money. We've talked with them but they can't be reasoned with," said his assistant.

"There isn't another way out. Are we going to let them keep blocking the entrance of the company?" Ron asked.

The assistant knew that he couldn't persuade Ron, so he relented and led him downstairs.

He arranged a few guards to stand around Ron and said, "Be careful, Mr. Mu."

As soon as they got downstairs, they could hear people shouting from the entrance, even though there was quite some way off. "Give us back our money! What the hell kind of company is this RA Group? It's a money-laundering racket! The deadline for returning us our money has already passed and not a word has come from them!"

"Right. They promised to return us the money in a couple of days but it was due a long time ago and all they do is keep mum. It is such a fraud!"

"I thought it was a reliable company. How foolish I am! It is nowhere near being reliable! I agree. It's a total fraud!"

"This kind of company shouldn't continue existing.

It should close down

ay that we shouldn't lend money to the RA Group from now on under any circumstances? Or we could only blame ourselves? And we should be responsible for the loss?"

The assistant regretted his indiscreet remarks and immediately shut up. He was mad at the people and had lost his head for a moment.

"Mr. Mu…" The assistant looked at Ron gingerly.

"It's okay."

"Hey! You said that he is the son of the Mu family who owns the Mu Group? How could he possibly be the son of the Mu family? If he is the son of the Mu family, then you're the CEO of the Lu Group!"

"Ha-ha! That's right. If he is the son of the Mu family, then I am the CEO of the Feng Group!"

And they all laughed out loud.

"You!" The assistant looked at the hateful faces and was about to go forward to reason with them when Ron stopped him and shook his head.

If this continued, it would only bring a more negative effect on their company.

"Then what do you want?" Ron asked.

"Very simple. Either you return our money right now, or pay us back with your group. This big company is still worth quite a lot of money."

Only these guys could be brazen enough to put forward such unreasonable requests.

Ron had already offered to pay them back their money the next day. But it looked like they were in no mood to leave. Trouble seemed to be their middle name.

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