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   Chapter 202 Something Is Wrong

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Ron's eyebrows furrowed as he saw Lena's expression.

"Do you want to know who is married? Let me tell you the truth. It's Ashley, the woman you've been missing so much. She looks down on us now that she's married to a better man. And she has cut off relations with us already.

How do you feel now? Is that news astounding enough?

Oh, you must have no idea who her husband is!" Lena said with a sneer.

Ron's mind went blank when he heard that Ashley was married. The news had almost driven him out of his mind.

'Ashley is married?

She got married?'

Ron didn't want to accept it and retorted immediately, "It can't be true!"

Lena was a little upset as she noticed that his face had turned pale. She hid her emotions well as she laughed and replied, "It can't be true? Why can't it be true? Do you think she is still the same girl who was constantly under your protection?

She belongs to the upper class now. We can't see her casually. Do you think she still respects us?

You can ask her if you don't believe me. Let her tell you the truth."

Ron clenched his fists, tendons straining against his fair skin. "Shut up!" he yelled at her without thinking.

She still had something to say, but his reaction frightened her to the point where her body shook and she swallowed nervously.

"You asked me this! You asked me about Ashley! And now, you're asking me to shut up? What do you want? Fine, don't ever ask me anything about her. I won't tell you anything even if I know it!"

Lena yelled back once she had regained her senses. She turned around and left, slamming the door loudly.

Ron looked at her retreating figure, wanting to say something, but refrained from doing so.

He collapsed on the sofa, a sudden headache tak

n it well at the time.

He had chosen every senior leader after deep consideration and had never expected this to happen.

He closed the file and looked at his assistant. "When did this happen?"

"Several days ago. He did it secretly, so we didn't know about it. I did a survey when the crowd came to make trouble, and I found that he escaped with our money a month ago.

He borrowed money from others in the name of the RA Group, and—" The assistant stopped talking, looking hesitant to talk any further.

"And what?" Ron asked sharply.

The assistant closed his eyes and continued, "And it's all money gotten from extortion."

They would have been unable to pay it back even in their heyday. And now, the senior leader had stolen all their money.

They were at the end of their tether now.

Although Ron had been abroad for four years, he always managed the company remotely, and the company ran smoothly all the time.

He had built the company from scratch and after four years of hard work, it had become successful.

He had set this company up without his family's knowledge, because he wanted to prove that he could succeed without their help.

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