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   Chapter 201 Dream Girl

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Ron sat down and took the drink from Peggy's hand. Although he already had an inkling about something from Ashley, he acted as if nothing had happened.

He cast a quick glance around the room and asked, "Where is Ashley? I didn't see her."

Peggy, who had been smiling delightfully before, immediately frowned upon hearing Ashley's name.

Given that Ron just returned and didn't know anything, she kept her anger in check and replied coolly, "Come on, she is not a kid. Do we have to be by her side all the time? I don't know where she is!

I wonder why you care about someone so insignificant instead of your own sister."

Peggy was upset because she felt that Ron valued Ashley more than his own sister.

Ron furrowed his brows.

If just a casual question caused his mother to overreact this way, he couldn't imagine how Ashley must have been treated when he was not home. He understood why Ashley chose to sever ties with this family.

Lena looked at the two of them sitting on the sofa and decided to leave, since she had nothing to do and was getting bored sitting around. Ron had liked Ashley since childhood, while he was indifferent towards Lena. In turn, Lena had a negative impression of Ron.

Although he was her brother, they were not close. This was largely because of Ashley.

Lena was just about to leave. Perhaps it was because she made a noise that Peggy stopped talking with Ron and looked at her.

"Hey. Where are you going? Your brother is here. Don't you see him? Oh, girl. Come over here. Say hello to him," Peggy said to Lena.

Lena had no inclination to do that. Actually, she hated Ron, so she rejected her mother. "Sorry, I have something to deal with. You guys continue chatting. I'm off," she replied shortly and went upstairs.

Watching Lena's back as she walked away, P

! She hated that he always criticized her behavior; it made her feel like she had nothing but shortcomings and that there were no good qualities in her.

"What else do you want to know? Be quick. I have no time to waste with you," she said curtly. Lena felt uncomfortable under Ron's piercing gaze. So she turned sideways so that she didn't have to look into his eyes.

In the living room, Ron had overheard some discussion on the topic of marriage. So he wanted to confirm whether he misheard it or not.

"You were talking about someone's marriage, right? Who got married?" he asked.

Lena looked at Ron and smiled wickedly. "You really want to know?"

When Lena was a child, she didn't know why Ron was so good to Ashley. As time went by, she began to understand why.

Ron had fallen for Ashley and he didn't know that himself. But as an onlooker, Lena knew everything.

In a manner of speaking, Lena was the first one to read Ron's mind. So she used to violently dislike Ashley at the time. She blamed Ashley for taking her brother's heart away.

It was for this reason that she used to pick on Ashley all the time. Ron, on the other hand, never dared to tell Ashley that he had a crush on her.

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