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   Chapter 200 Lena’s Jealousy

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"Okay. I'll wait here for half an hour. If you both still can't reach an agreement, then I'm going to leave.

"Okay. Thank you," replied Ron.

Ron pulled Ashley aside, released her hand, and gently asked, "Now, can you tell me why you don't want to go back to the Mu family's house?"

Ashley quickly withdrew her hand once Ron let go of her. She kneaded her wrist, lowered her head to avoid looking at Ron, and spoke up, her voice indifferent. "I don't want to go back there because they don't like me. And I really don't want to invite any trouble for myself."

Ron knew that Ashley hadn't gotten along with other members of the Mu family for a long time.

But he had never seen her act like this before.

Ron rubbed Ashley's head and said softly, "Don't worry. They won't dare treat you badly now that I'm back. Are you worried that I can't protect you?"

'I won't allow anyone to bully you anymore; nor will I allow anyone to be condescending towards you. You are my beloved. I must protect you well from now on, ' thought Ron.

Ashley had severed her relationship with the Mu family. She knew that she would lose her temper and do something bad to them if she fixated on the trouble that Lena and Peggy had caused her. Ashley took a deep breath and turned to Ron to explain. "No. I know that you will protect me. But the key problem is—"

"As long as you believe in me, everything will be fine," Ron said earnestly, cutting off whatever she was about to say.

Ashley turned around and fixed her gaze on the leaves that swayed with the breeze. She said slowly and carefully, "I've severed all ties with the Mu family. So I won't go back with you."

At this, Ron looked worriedly over at her and asked, "What happened? Did they do anything bad to you? Or did they force you to do anything that you didn't want to do?"

Ron knew Peggy and Lena well. They didn't dare treat Ashley badly when he was at home because of the protection he extended. But they began making trouble for Ashley the moment he left home.

Ron suspected that they had done something to Ashley but didn't even think that Ashley could ha

that someone had walked into the living room shut her up.

Lena looked up at the man standing before her, her eyes wide with amazement. "Ron?" she said disbelievingly.

"What?" Peggy started, but looked up at Lena with a frown since Lena hadn't finished her words.

Seeing that Lena was looking towards the living room in disbelief, Peggy followed her gaze.

She shot off the sofa in surprise and before she knew it, she was walking quickly over to Ron, smiling widely. "Ron! You're back!"

Ron looked at Peggy and said, "Mom."

Peggy's smile widened, if that was even possible.

She took Ron's hand and showed him around.

"You have become thinner than before. But you look more handsome now. How are you? Have you adapted to life over there? Will you leave again in a few days?" Peggy asked Ron concernedly, not realizing that she was shooting out a lot of questions.

"Come here and sit down. You must be very tired after a long flight. Why didn't you tell us beforehand? We would have picked you up!" Peggy sat down on the sofa, still holding his hand, and Ron sat down beside her. She asked the servant to bring him a glass of cold water.

Seeing that Peggy was completely ignoring her now that Ron was here, Lena stared quietly at them, jealousy flashing in her eyes.

'Ron appears and Peggy's attention involuntarily shifts to him and she completely ignores me!' Lena thought rather angrily.

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