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   Chapter 199 A Small Dispute

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Francis almost cried out and he hid himself among the crowd hastily.

It was Ashley. She was talking and laughing with a man!

'Did she finally give up on Andrew? Maybe she couldn't bear his terrible temper anymore, ' he thought to himself.

Francis dared not to think more about it. He had just seen something beyond his understanding!

Not even in his wildest imagination would he have thought he would be a witness to this scene at the airport. It was breaking news.

He took a picture of them walking side by side with his cell phone.

They were just getting into a cab.

It was too late to move closer to take more photos, so Francis drew his attention back to his phone to look at the photo more carefully. It was a little blurred because he had taken it hurriedly and secretly. But you could still tell that Ashley and that man were intimate and happy together.

He had thought of sending the picture to Andrew through Wechat earlier, but now he was hesitant.

What if Ashley and that man were just friends? And he knew Andrew's personality. Francis knew he was serious about this relationship.

Andrew was the kind of guy who would get jealous and sulk for half a day even if Francis and Ashley talked for a while. He couldn't imagine what his face would be like if he saw this photo.

Eventually he decided not to send the photo to him. What if it was just a simple misunderstanding? He'd better check with Ellie first.

Ashley and Ron were in the taxi. She looked out of the window at the scenery flashing by for a while. Then she turned to look at Ron. "Ron, how have you been all these years?"

Ron was sitting straight with his hands on his knees. He nodded, "Good." 'But without you by my side.'

"How about you? Have you been

py and gruff. He was yelling at them loudly.

When she heard this, the first thing Ashley thought of was Andrew.

She thought of the expressionless poker face of Andrew and his deep, dark, sometimes sad and sometimes angry eyes.

Ron turned around to glance at the taxi driver and then grabbed Ashley's arm and walked to the cab.

Ashley thought he was going to drag her into the cab and take her back to the Mu family against her wishes. She struggled and protested, "Ron, I don't want to go back to the Mu family. Please don't force me."

Ron watched her as she resisted so strongly. Now he was convinced that something had happened when he was away, something very big.

He tried to comfort her by saying, "I won't ask you to go to the Mu family."

Ashley sort of believed him but continued struggling. Of course she was weaker than Ron.

So she was dragged to the side of the cab but he didn't make her get in. Instead, he took out quite a lot of money and gave it to the driver. "Please wait for us here for a while. We will be back soon."

The driver looked at the money that had just been dropped on the seat next to him and pretended to consider it.

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