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   Chapter 195 Sound Ethan Out

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No matter what Aaron said, Rae was still worried because they didn't have a son. According to her, Lesley should enjoy her life rather than taking on the business. Although Aaron had never mentioned it, she had made up her mind to get pregnant again and this time, hopefully, she would give birth to a boy who would take over the family business in the future.

"Aaron, let's try for another baby," Rae suggested.

Aaron watched her in astonishment. "Are you crazy? You are in bad health! Did you forget that?"

"That was several years ago. Now I have recovered. We can do this. Trust me."

They had been married for many years. Rae knew that Aaron was in love with her, and he had never complained about the fact that she only birthed a girl. But Rae was not satisfied. She wanted to have a baby boy, another symbol of their love.

Aaron knew that Rae was stubborn, so he gave up trying to dissuade her. He wanted a baby boy too.

"Let's go to the hospital tomorrow. If the doctor gives you the go-ahead, we can give it a thought."

Aaron and Rae went to visit Ethan the second day as they wanted to put Lesley's mind at ease.

Ethan and Arya were talking in the living room when the steward came in followed by Aaron and Rae.

Aaron laughed cheerfully. "Ethan! You won't feel bad about our uninvited visit, will you?"

Ethan stood up and walked over to Aaron with a smile. "Aaron, you know I won't. We are so happy to see you."

They were good friends in their youth, and the friendship between their families had spanned two or more generations. Unlike other families, they were closely acquainted. And it would please both sides if Andrew married Lesley.

Aaron and Ethan were chitchatting over the tea while Rae and Arya were talking jovially.

After a bit of convers

time Ellie had called her. Fortunately, Ashley finally heard her.

Looking at Ellie confusedly, Ashley asked, "Ah, Ellie, I didn't hear you just now. Can you say that again?"

Ellie's eyebrows shot up. "What has Raymond told you? You are so absent-minded."

Ashley shook her head and started to fiddle with her phone. "Nothing."

"Liar. How are you so distracted if he hasn't told you anything?"

Suddenly, Ashley raised her head and looked at Ellie seriously. "There is a story. A girl was insulted by someone in front of everyone. A man took up for her by plotting against the one who insulted her. Tell me, why did the man help this girl?"

"Why are you asking me this?" Ellie was puzzled.

"Nothing, it just came to my mind..."

"I think he might help her out of love. Anyway, no one would do such things for no reason..." Ellie stopped mid-sentence. She looked at Ashley in disbelief. "You are the girl!"

"Ahem!" Ashley looked away. "How is that possible? I just saw this on the phone some days ago, so I wondered what's your thought of it."

Ellie cocked her head and looked at Ashley doubtfully. "Really?"

Ashley nodded firmly. "Of course. Ellie, I will never lie to you."

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