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   Chapter 194 Suspicion

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Johnny's heart jolted when he heard her words. He instantly knew it was about his CEO.

"Sure," he replied.

Lesley was feeling uneasy. She watched Johnny closely. "Andrew said he was married. Is that true?" she asked.

'Of course it is true. I witnessed it with my own eyes.'

However, he couldn't say that to Lesley.

He didn't falter and answered, "We know nothing about the CEO's personal business. You can ask him yourself, Miss Feng."

"Really? You are Andrew's personal assistant. How could you not know about this?" Lesley said.

"I'm sorry, Miss Feng. But the private business of the CEO isn't something we know."

Lesley knew Andrew. If he didn't want others to know, then nobody could know.

So she nodded and said, "Okay, thank you anyway, Johnny."

After he left, Lesley felt glum. A few scenes flashed through her brain, the ring on his finger, his gentle smile when they had boarded the plane and his proclamation "I'm married."

She was getting agitated. Andrew was married? How could that be possible?

She picked up her cell phone and made a call back home.

"Hello? Mom? Is Dad at home?" Lesley stood by the French window and gazed at the scenery outside. She held the cell phone to her ear with one hand while clenching her other hand in anticipation. She wanted to know the truth but at the same time she was nervous about what she would find out.

"Please let me talk to Dad," Lesley said.

Rae pouted. Every time Lesley called, she was to talk to her father; she never missed her.

After a moment, a mellow baritone voice came through the line.

"Hello, Lesley. How are you doing? Are you okay? Should I send somebody to bring you back home?" he asked affectionately.

Aaron adored his daughter and always gave her whatever she wanted. Basically he never failed to fu

ld that be possible? He has had no woman around him all these years since Lesley left. How could he get married so suddenly?"

Aaron was suspicious too. "I have no idea. But since Lesley said so, why don't we pay a visit to the Lu family tomorrow and try to find out the truth?"

"Okay," Rae agreed.

"Well," said Aaron, thinking of something, "where is he? What has he been doing lately?"

It was obvious that Rae loathed the person Aaron just mentioned. She looked miserable. "He is a grown-up now. How would I know where he is? Probably with some woman,"

Rae said with a hint of annoyance.

Aaron put his arm around her shoulder and said, "Okay. I just thought about him suddenly, so I asked. I won't mention him anymore. We have Lesley."

Rae looked at Aaron and said, "Aaron, do you regret that we don't have a son?"

Aaron's hand, which was on Rae, trembled a little but he regained composure quickly. "That's nonsense. We have Lesley. That's enough."

"It is different. Who will you give the Feng Group to in the future? Francis? Lesley is a woman. We can't give the Feng Group to Lesley, can we?" she said agitated.

In contrast, Aaron was much calmer. "Why can't we? Lesley is so brilliant."

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