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   Chapter 193 Discovery

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Actually Ashley had sort of figured it out and was secretly delighted, but she wouldn't admit it to herself. She was afraid it was her own narcissism and Andrew had done it just for the sake of the Lu family.

So she subconsciously chose to avoid the topic.

Meanwhile Andrew and Lesley had arrived in A country. They had gone there for business negotiations. Andrew had to go personally as the discussions would cover various issues.

As for Lesley, the Feng family knew that she was interested in Andrew and so they let her handle this part of business so that she would have an opportunity to be close to him.

Lesley had studied this subject in college and she had been hearing and seeing things at her family company since she was young. So even though she hadn't really done the job before, she was capable of handling it pretty well.

Besides, the Feng family had arranged two people, both of who were seniors, to help her. So basically it was impossible for anything to go wrong.

Everything was scheduled well in advance, so when they got out of the airport, a car was waiting to pick them up.

They were taken to the hotel booked for them. Andrew headed to his room immediately. Johnny nodded to Lesley slightly and left with him too.

In the evening, when they were well rested, somebody came to see them. They were told there would be a banquet to welcome them.

Andrew changed his clothes and went out of the hotel. He saw Lesley also coming out at the same time. She smiled at Andrew when she saw him.

The person they traveled here to meet was called Mr. Xu, a man over fifty years old. He looked very kind and friendly.

If one didn't know who he was, he would absolutely think he was just an ordinary nice old man.

However, the people who knew him would tell you that he was a tough, ruthless big shot respected and feared by both legal and illegal business sectors when he was younger.

People would shudder when they simply heard h

her hands tightly in order to stop herself from freaking out.

She looked at Andrew's back as he went into his room, and reminded herself to calm down and be patient. She would take one step at a time.

Taking a deep breath, she turned to his assistant and smiled. "Looks like I have to trouble you, Johnny," she said sweetly.

Johnny smiled and said, "No trouble at all, Miss Feng. I will try to clarify your doubts as best I can."

He was seething inside and cursing his boss mentally. 'How could he push this on me when he himself doesn't like to talk to Miss Feng?' He was feeling sore. He had no intentions of enjoying any time alone with this lady either. Nevertheless, his face didn't reveal his real thoughts.

On the surface, Lesley appeared very attentive when Johnny was explaining the project to her. And she asked questions and made comments on all the right points. She was the precious daughter of the Feng family and had been raised to inherit the family business, so she was smart and quick to understand.

Johnny had spent about half an hour filling her in on all the necessary details of the project. As he was leaving, Lesley asked him to wait.

"Is there anything else you need, Miss Feng?" asked Johnny.

Lesley was still smiling lightly. "Yes. Can I ask you a personal question?"

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