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   Chapter 191 Meet Again

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At the Babyblue Tea Shop, Raymond sat quietly at a secluded table. He ordered two cups of milk tea.

He was wearing a crisp white shirt and black suit pants. A mild yet friendly smile played on his lips, making him look like your average neighborhood boy-warm, youthful and neat.

He gave you the feeling of looking at a clear stream in summer, one that you couldn't help but halt in your tracks to look at.

He looked at his watch frequently as if he was waiting for somebody, but showing no sign of impatience.

There was a college not far from here, which explained the huge number of girl students who came here for a drink or two.

Raymond was over six feet tall, had a handsome face, a faint smile, graceful manners, and all these made him an untainted big boy.

The milk tea shop's business wasn't bad, and now with Raymond sitting at the shop like a walking advertisement, the shop was soon packed with customers.

The age around 20 is when desire for the opposite sex explodes. Raymond's simply sitting there caused hormones to rage within the girls. And some of them, who were bold enough, couldn't control their urge to hit on him.

A coquettish-looking girl with a luscious figure said something to her friend and her friend promptly flushed to her roots.

She replied in a low voice, "Will that be all right?"

She was in sharp contrast to her friend. Her features were pure and innocent, her face relatively round and plump, which made people feel comfortable and want to be close to her.

The coquettish girl casually brushed her hair and said in her husky voice, "Well, what's the big deal? Just go over there and ask for his number!"

"But what if he already has a girlfriend?" said her friend hesitantly.

"Not a big deal either. What a shame not to go talk to him! You don't get to meet such an awesome man every day. You just wait here and watch me."

Saying thus, she fixed her hair, pulled her clothes straight, stood up, and walked over to

just sent her and tried to squeeze into the shop.

"Excuse me please. I need to get in there."

Ashley's voice rang out, clear and refreshing. And people gave way to her voluntarily, allowing her to finally enter the shop.

Angelina Li, who was leaving, heard her and turned to the source of the voice.

Ashley wore a simple white dress that fell to her knees. Her smooth shining black hair was pulled back into a bun at the nape of her neck.

Her skin was fair and firm and had very light makeup on it. A light layer of lipstick perfectly matched her delicate features. She was cute.

She frowned as she looked around through cat-like eyes, unconscious of all the attention she was attracting.

People had fallen into a daze as they stared at her. The shop was small enough that she caught sight of the person she was looking for moments after she started looking around. And so she walked towards the man in white who was sitting by the window.

Angelina Li stood there, her hands clasped together and mouth hanging open slightly. She had thought that the man was lying to her when he said he had a girlfriend. To her surprise, he did have a girlfriend and she wasn't bad-looking.

"Wow, is that his girlfriend? She is really pretty," her friend commented as she watched Ashley make her way to Raymond.

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