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   Chapter 189 Clyde's Mind

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When Clyde slapped Raymond, Cora rushed to Raymond and pushed Clyde away. "What are you doing? It's not all his fault. He wouldn't have done this if Ashley hadn't seduced him. We wouldn't have lost face!"

Although Raymond's actions had upset her, Cora still intended to protect him because he was her child and she always spoiled him.

Raymond was startled when he heard Ashley's name. 'Has something happened?'

Looking at Cora, Clyde said, "How dare you say that! It's true what they say, 'a kind mother makes a wastrel.'"

"A wastrel? He is my son. Who will dote on him if not me? Isn't he your son? If not, you can drive him way right now. Let me see what you are capable of!"

Clyde pointed at Cora. "You and your son are really going to give me a heart attack, huh! Look at the state of our Luo Group! You want to argue with me instead of doing something to help."

Cora calmed down when she remembered their company's situation. "But you shouldn't blame Raymond like that."

"Dad, what happened?" Raymond inquired.

All he knew was that something bad had happened, and it was related to Ashley.

Raymond was absent from the party last time, but even he had been there, he wouldn't have known that Andrew was going to strike such a blow to their company.

Clyde glanced at Raymond, snorted derisively and walked to the sofa. Obviously, he was still mad at his son.

"Mom, can you please just tell me? What happened? What's wrong with our company? Is it anything related to Ashley?" Raymond turned to his mother when he failed to get an answer from his father.

Instead of answering the question, Cora said, "It must be Ashley. She has married a better man. Now she detests us and intends to make trouble for us."

Although Raymond had broken up with Ashley and decided to give his heart to Lena, he still got upset wh

Luo Group, so they wouldn't be able to do what Cora hoped they would.

Besides, Raymond had only met Lena a few times since the incident at the shopping mall. He was upset with her because he knew how she had misunderstood and set up Ashley.

At the time, he had thought Ashley purposely hurt Lena, and he had been so worried about her. But it was just Lena's sick trick. She only wanted to frame Ashley. He was uncomfortable because he couldn't believe Lena could do something so mean.

Even after Lena had explained to him that it was a mistake, he couldn't behave as if nothing had happened.

"They will be able to help. They still have a place in the J City..." Cora stopped mid-sentence. Something occurred to her.

'They have a place in J City, so what? The man who is plotting against us is at the top of the city. Even if ten Mu Groups come together to support us, it's no use.'

"Wait, I just remembered that Ashley is the adopted one in the Mu family. Am I right? Lena is her sister, and since you are Lena's fiance, you are family. I believe she will never hurt her family members."

Clyde, who was sitting on the sofa, looked defeated. "Are you still in touch with her?" he asked, his weak voice trembling.

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