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   Chapter 188 Slap In The Face

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Francis looked down at the vegetable in his hands. 'Did I do something wrong?'

"What's wrong?" he asked innocently.

Looking at his handsome face, Ellie couldn't find the words.

"Ellie, what's the matter?" Ashley came in from the living room. When her eyes fell on the vegetable in Francis's hands, her mouth twisted. She had been away to fetch something just for less than a minute. How could he mess up a simple job of washing vegetable?

Only the stems remained in his hands and the leaves were torn into pieces and scattered all around.

"Can you tell me what kind of vegetable you are washing?" Ashley came over and looked at the stems in the basket. She stared at his innocent face resisting the urge to punch it.

"Isn't this how you're supposed to wash it?"

"Then what is it?"

Francis looked at the pile of leaves in another basket and said, "Oh, you meant these? These can't be eaten, right? I have removed all the leaves. I will throw them away."

"Who told you those can't be eaten?" asked Ashley.

"But I have never eaten those. Can they really be eaten?"

Judging from Ashley's and Ellie's expressions, Francis could tell that he must have goofed up.

Ashley slapped her forehead. "Okay, I will take it from here. You go rest in the living room," she said in resignation.

And this time she didn't listen to Francis' explanations. She just pushed him out of the kitchen. If she allowed him to stay in the kitchen any longer, there wouldn't be any dinner today.

Francis was puzzled at being pushed out of the kitchen. He asked Ashley for the name of the vegetable and searched it online.

"Water spinach, also called water convolvulus, angiosperm, known to have hollow stems…"

There were many recipes too on the Internet. You could cook the leaves, or you could also remove the leaves and cook the stems.

Francis mumbled, "So what's the problem?"

After a short while, the food was ready. It was arranged beautifully on the dinner table and looked delicious.

she replied.

Cora looked at Clyde and asked, "Is it really him who is responsible for this? Why does he have to be hostile to our family? Does it have anything to do with Ashley?"

After the birthday party, the stock price of the Luo Group kept dropping drastically and even those companies who had agreements with them wanted to terminate the contracts.

Some companies' projects were already halfway complete. They would lose a lot of money for terminating the agreements. But it seemed that they didn't care about that as even those companies insisted on ending the business relationship. Who could afford to do that? There was only one person who could do this.

"Mom, Dad, what's wrong? Why did you ask me to come back in such a hurry?" Raymond walked into the house and a servant took the coat from his hand.

"How dare you ask me what's wrong! Look at what you have done!" Clyde flew into a rage when he saw Raymond and thought of the dilemma faced by the Luo Group.

When Raymond came close, he slapped him! Thwack! The sound was extremely loud in the quiet room.

It looked shocking but it wasn't that hard. After all, he was his own son. He didn't have the heart to hurt him.

Raymond was flummoxed. He couldn't understand what was going on. Why was he slapped by his father the moment he stepped into the house?

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