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   Chapter 187 Francis Washed Vegetables

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The cashier girl then took a close look at the card, and to her surprise, it was a black card.

This black card was a limited edition, and there were only five of this in the world! She didn't expect to see this legendary card at work.

At that moment, the girl felt that the card was like a hot potato, and hastily gave it back to Francis. Though astonished, she didn't show it on her face. She instead nonchalantly asked, "Do you have cash? I am afraid the card can't be used here…"

Francis took the card back and mumbled, "How come this card can't be used?"

Ashley was greatly surprised as well when she saw Francis take the black card out. However, she thought of Andrew's social status and that Francis was his friend. With this in mind, she regained her composure shortly after.

She took out some cash and gave it to the girl. The girl took the money and gave her back the changes and receipt. The three of them then left the supermarket.

As usual, it was Francis' job to do all the heavy work—carrying the groceries to the car, driving home, and carrying the groceries upstairs.

After they got back, Ellie brought the groceries and went into the kitchen.

Francis watched her as she strode into the kitchen and asked Ashley, "So Ellie is good at cooking?"

Ashley rolled her eyes at Francis. "Never call Ellie by her name. You aren't even close to her. There is only one person here who can call her like that and that's me. Of course, she is good at cooking. Do you think we go out every time we have a meal?"

Francis was upset. "How should I call her then if not by her name?"

"It's up to you. Just, don't call her Ellie."

After saying that, Ashley left Francis alone in the sitting room and went to the kitchen to help Ellie.

Since he got nothing to do, Francis then sat on the couch, rubbing his chin and examining the whole place.

Upon observation, Francis estimated that the entirety of this house was even smaller than his bedroom. However, it was cozily decorated and was very clean and tidy.

The kitchen had a transparent

bly be loyal to the person he truly fell in love with, she wished.

The kitchen was mini-sized and as Ellie was cooking there, she got no choice but to stand close to Francis, who had taken Ashley's place to wash the vegetables. They stood very close to each other.

His hands were soaked in water in the sink, but his heart was all on Ellie.

"Ellie, I never knew you were so good at this. What are you going to cook for dinner? I am so lucky. It is a great pleasure for me to come here at the right moment to enjoy your food."

"Ellie…" He kept talking ceaselessly and it was obvious that he tried very hard to strike up a conversation, but Ellie didn't even seem to bother.

Francis felt like his mouth was completely dried up after speaking for a long time, but to no avail. Ellie stood still with her poker face all the time.

Every woman would run to him ecstatically when they saw him. He didn't even need to say a single word. Alas, he met his Waterloo in Ellie's case.

However, he didn't feel frustrated. It was probably because all those women before were too cheap and this different kind of experience appealed more to his great interest rather than disappointment.

"What vegetable are you washing?" asked Ellie, just as Francis thought that Ellie would never ever talk to him. She stared at the vegetable in his hand and putting on a weird expression.

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