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   Chapter 186 Shopping For Groceries

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"Okay, do whatever you want. I'm going grocery shopping now." Ellie was ready to get out.

"Wait, Ellie. I will go with you," said Ashley.

It had only been a few minutes since Francis had come in and parked himself on the couch. He jumped up hastily and said, "Ashley, I will go with you two."

When they were downstairs, Francis tried to please both girls. "Where are you going? I will drive you there," he offered.

Ashley looked at him as if he was an idiot. "No, thanks. The supermarket is just a short walk from here."

Francis felt hurt. He had never done grocery shopping and so it was natural for him not to know where to go.

There was a large supermarket just outside the housing estate, and the fruits and vegetables there were very fresh. Ashley and Ellie used to shop there often.

The three of them arrived at the supermarket. The good-looking trio attracted much attention, especially Francis, whose features were even more delicate than a girl's.

Although he was wearing a flashy pink suit, he was able to carry it off with elan. Surprisingly, such clothes didn't look weird on him. Instead, he looked stylish and people couldn't take their eyes off him.

Ashley realized that thanks to Francis, they were the most eye-catching group in the supermarket. Even an elderly lady, who looked about sixty or seventy years old, was staring at Francis greedily, not to mention the young ladies.

And Francis was playing the crowd—he was smiling charmingly at everyone.

Ashley was so mad at his behavior. Just a moment ago he said he wanted to woo Ellie, but as soon as they left the house, he started preening like a peacock for all the girls in the store.

She pushed the shopping cart towards Francis and said, "You push the cart." She was as rude as she could be.

"No problem, Ashley." Francis followed her instructions obediently.

"Look, that girl is so mean. She ordered him to push the cart. He has such nice, delicate hands and fair skin. Obviously he isn't used to such heavy jobs.

place in J city. And we will order the most expensive food in the restaurant. What do you think? Do you still want to give us a treat?" Ashley watched Francis' reaction in amusement.

Francis replied without hesitation, "Sure. But you have to be considerate to me too. Don't order too much. I have to save some money so that I can support Ellie later."

Francis made sure that Ellie heard what he said, but she showed no interest and continued with what she was doing.

Ashley glanced at Francis disapprovingly and said, "Do you still want to chase Ellie? You have to get me to back you if you do. Why are you asking me not to order too much? Do I eat a lot?"

Francis waved his hands in panic. "No, no, Ashley. I was just joking."

Though Ellie was the topic of discussion, she herself paid no attention to Francis at all.

When they reached the cash counter, Francis offered to pay. The cashier girl saw him and blushed immediately. She started fumbling and her hands couldn't find the right place to put the bill. "Thank you. The total is USD135.60, please," the girl stammered in a low voice.

Francis took out a black bank card from his wallet and gave it to the cashier. "I will pay by card."

The cashier girl swiped it on the POS machine the way she would for any other bank card. However, it turned out that it didn't work.

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