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   Chapter 183 A Business Trip

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Every day at five o'clock sharp, Ashley would collect her belongings and wait for Andrew to come and pick her up.

Cheryl had been observing this for many days. Today, her curiosity got the better of her. She supported her chin in her hands and inquired cheekily, "Ashley, do you have a boyfriend? Is that why you leave exactly at the same time every day? Do you go to see him? When will you introduce him to us?"

Even Nina, who was not as nosy as Cheryl, turned to watch Ashley.

Ashley, who already had her bag in her hand, paused and gave them a mysterious smile. "Keep guessing."

Then she turned to her friend. "Ellie, I have to go now. You take care of the shop."

Ellie nodded.

After she left, Cheryl looked at Ellie expectantly and said, "Ellie, please tell us. Does Ashley really have a boyfriend? I'll keep it a secret. I promise!"

Ellie smiled and opened her mouth.

Just as Cheryl thought Ellie would tell her, Ellie gave her the same answer as Ashley did.

The suspense was killing her. 'Well, I will ask her again when she comes tomorrow. I'm sure I can get her to spill the beans.'

"You don't have to come to pick me up every day," Ashley told Andrew when she got into the car.

"Then who would you like to come to pick you up?" Andrew asked in his usual bland way.

"I can take a cab home. You are so busy with your work and you have a large company to run. Don't you feel tired of picking me up daily?"


Ashley turned silent. 'Then forget what I said.'

After they got back home and had dinner, they went to the bedroom. Ashley lay on the bed and chatted with Ellie on her cell phone.

She had decided to introduce someone to Ellie. She couldn't let her best friend stay single anymore.

"Just wait and watch. I will gather a group of boys for you to pick from."

Just as she hit send, she felt some movement

e remembered the plot very well.

There was one scene in which the hero told the heroine that he was going to go on a business trip. Then the heroine told the hero that

she would miss him and would call him every day, and remind him to eat at meal time. She also put her photo in his cell phone so that the hero could see her face whenever he missed her.

Ashley noticed that his mood had improved. "Come back soon? Have a nice trip? Good luck with your negotiation?"

She tried a few things but Andrew's face became darker and darker.

She almost wanted to cry in frustration. She couldn't read his mind. What did he want her to say?

"Andrew..." She opened her mouth but before she could finish her sentence, Andrew threw himself on top of her.

Her face was reflected in his dark eyes and she could read his expression very clearly. She had experienced this outburst of emotion not too long ago.

She gulped and said, "Andrew, what..." 'What do you want to do?' She completed the sentence in her mind.

She took what he gave her tearfully.

The next day, Andrew woke up very early.

He watched the little exhausted girl sleeping in his arms and kissed her affectionately. Then he jumped out of bed to pack for the trip.

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