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   Chapter 182 Lesley's Suspicion

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Lesley had always believed that Andrew was the only person good enough to be with her, because he was both intelligent and powerful.

The two of them were busy doing their own work in silent company. The atmosphere was serene and harmonious

until Andrew's cell phone broke the silence.

He frowned as he didn't like being interrupted in the middle of his work. He pursed his lips, looking very displeased.

As soon as he saw the caller ID on the screen, his frown disappeared.

"Hello?" The lines on his brows smoothed out and his voice became warmer compared to when he spoke to his staff at work.

"Hello. Andrew, have you had lunch?" Ashley was having lunch with Ellie in the bakery.

She had finally given in and decided to start accepting Andrew. Since they had already had sex, she no longer found him unpleasant and decided to give the relationship a real shot.

When she sat down to eat, it suddenly occurred to her that Andrew had a stomach problem. She was worried that he might forget to have lunch again and aggravate his condition. So she called to check on him.

"Not yet," Andrew replied in a low voice and glanced at his watch. It showed that it was twelve at noon.

He was surprised that time had passed so fast. He rubbed his forehead tiredly.

"Then go eat now. Do you want to suffer stomachache like last time?"

she reprimanded him softly.

Ellie, who sat opposite Ashley, glanced at her silently and continued eating.

Andrew could picture Ashley's cat-like eyes widening and her cheeks puffing up like a hamster.

She was probably eating while talking to him as her words were a little garbled. He found her so cute.

His expression softened. He touched the ring Ashley put on his finger yesterday and felt warm inside.

"You aren't with me."

"What did you say?" Ashley was busy swallowin

Lesley's name. She, on the other hand, said his name with so much affection.

If she found out that he didn't even remember her name, she would feel so humiliated.

Lesley reached home and threw her bag on the couch angrily.

"What happened, baby? Who has pissed you off?" Rae asked concernedly when she saw her daughter.

"Mom, please tell me the truth. Did Andrew have any woman around him when I was away?" she asked Rae with uncertainty.

Though she didn't catch a good enough look, her instinct told her that the silver thing on Andrew's finger was a ring.

"Right. Didn't Susie tell you?" Rae looked at her with a puzzled expression.

Lesley's face twisted with contempt when she heard Susie's name.

If it wasn't for Andrew, she would have never considered being friends with Susie.

"Didn't you go to the Lu Group to discuss business with Andrew today? How come you're back so early? What about Andrew? Did he send you back?" Rae quizzed her.

"He is busy. Mom, don't ask so many questions. I'm going to my room now," she fumed.

Lesley felt annoyed with Rae's intrusive questions. Apart from the time she spent with Andrew in his office this morning, she didn't see him at all for the rest of the day.

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