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   Chapter 181 Lesley at Andrew's Company

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At Mu family's house

Bang! Bang! Bang! Loud crashing sounds could be heard from Lena's bedroom. She had raged around, flinging everything she could lay hands on and breaking everything into pieces. Only when her anger calmed a little did she flop down on the bed, exhausted.

She looked around at the mess she had made and that worsened her mood.

Her resentment against Ashley grew. She thought furiously, 'Ashley! You will pay for what you have done! You will be reduced to nothing, and your name will turn to dust!'

Peggy heard the frightening noise from upstairs and couldn't help but wonder, 'What's wrong? Lena has been in her bedroom for so long. What's she doing? Why doesn't she come downstairs?'

Peggy went up the stairs, worrying about Lena. She walked up to Lena's bedroom, knocked on the door, and asked concernedly, "Lena, are you okay? You can talk to me if you're worried or disturbed."

Peggy waited for a long time, but she got no reply and began to think that Lena wasn't in the room. But just as Peggy turned to leave, Lena's voice came from behind the door, "Mom, I'm alright."

Peggy heaved a sigh of relief at Lena's words. She smiled and said, "Come downstairs. It's time for lunch."

Lena answered that she would, and Peggy went down, reassured.

Lena had never allowed anyone, not even her parents, to enter her bedroom, which she considered to be an offense to her personal space. Peggy respected her daughter's privacy and didn't think that staying away would be a problem. So they almost never went into Lena's bedroom except when it was absolutely necessary.

But if Peggy had become too worried to remember this unwritten rule, she would definitely have jumped out of her skin at how messed up the room had become. She wouldn't even have found anywhere to stand.

Lena walked out of the room and came across a housemaid who was about to do some cleaning. She stopped her and ordered, "Go to my room and clean it. Don't let my mom or dad know, or you know what you will be up against." She stared viciously at the maid to make sure she did as she was told.

"Yes, Miss Mu," she said obediently.

This happened often.

When she went downstairs, Lena saw her mother settled comfortably on the sofa watching TV. Peggy's swelling had subsided and her anger had calmed down. As she saw this, Lena thought that h

on her face, and then explained why she had come. "It's not Johnny's fault. I insisted that I should come in. I now serve as the representative of the Feng Group to negotiate all ties between you and our family. Father has let me take over this project." She spoke carefully, her words measured, as if she cared much about how Andrew would react.

She also tried to please Johnny, fathoming that he must be close to Andrew and a trusted confidant. Establishing a friendly relationship with those around him would probably help bring her closer to Andrew.

"You can leave now," Andrew said to Johnny.

"Yes," Johnny said and did as told. He placed all the files on the desk, threw a glance at Lesley, and left.

Andrew sat on his chair, fixed his eyes on Lesley and asked, "Are you in charge of the project now?"

She beamed and said, "Yes, I am, dear Andrew."

Andrew frowned and said coldly, "Don't address me that way."

Lesley looked a little upset and said, "But I have always talked to you like this."

Andrew didn't care what Lesley said in response. He picked a file from the mountain of documents and threw them before her.

Knowing that Andrew hated disturbances at work, Lesley turned to page one of the file and started to read through it, marking down highlights from time to time.

Lesley majored in the same areas as Andrew and was excellent at what she did. She had been determined to marry him since she was a child, so she deliberately learned everything related to Andrew's work, hoping that that would make her a better partner for him.

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