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   Chapter 180 Pretend To Get Hurt

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'He thinks he can bully my woman in front of me and get away with it? How dare he make that assumption!' Andrew thought to himself.

Hatred filled Lena's heart when she saw Andrew running over and showing great concern for Ashley and completely ignoring her.

She had made it seem like she was the victim and Ashley was the perpetrator, and yet he went to check on her first.

When Andrew stopped them from leaving, she didn't know why but she panicked. Something inside her told her that if she didn't leave as soon as possible, something would happen. Something bad.

So she cried out, "Raymond, I'm hurt. My leg hurts so much. Is it broken?"

"Honey, don't worry. It will be okay. I will take you to the hospital now." Raymond tried to soothe Lena and was about to proceed towards the exit.

Andrew gave him a cold stare. "Who said you could go? Stop them. Detain them here," he commanded the manager.

The manager summoned some guards and they immediately blocked Raymond's and Lena's path.

Ashley couldn't understand Andrew's intention behind this. "What is this for?"

Andrew didn't look at Ashley. Instead he kept his eyes on the manager and said, "Pull up footage of this incident from the surveillance system."

Andrew stroked Ashley's hair gently and explained, "I am trying to get you justice. Being my woman, you are not someone they can bully without facing the consequences. Just wait and see."

Ashley nodded and said, "Okay." She didn't know why, but when he said "my woman," her heart pounded wildly in her chest.

Raymond turned around and stared at Andrew furiously. "What do you mean? If you do have something to prove, can't you wait until I take Lena to the hospital first?"

Andrew didn't even bother to look at Raymond before replying, "No."

"What kind of person are you? You can't obstruct my way and keep me here jus

is just jealous of her. That girl appeared to be sweet and kept referring to the other one as her 'sister' all the time. It is hard to believe that she has such a malicious heart."

"Let's get out of here. Nothing to watch. The truth has come to light."

After seeing the footage and making the comments, the crowd lost interest and gradually dispersed.

Lena who was still in Raymond's arms felt her blood boil. Hell! How could she have forgotten that there were surveillance cameras here?

'I'm dead. I'm in big trouble now.'

Lena wished she could dig a hole right there and jump in.

"Raymond…" she cried, trying to think of an explanation.

Raymond watched her in astonishment. "Ashley didn't push you? You played this out by yourself?"

"Raymond, I didn't act. Probably I lost balance myself. I didn't say Ashley pushed me. I kept saying that it wasn't her who…" Lena tried to save face.

Raymond watched her, his expression not revealing whether he believed her or not.

It was true that Lena didn't blame Ashley. As soon as he ran over, he saw Lena lying on the floor and she kept insisting that it wasn't Ashley who pushed her.

But the way the scene was played out, anyone would assume it was Ashley who pushed her.

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