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   Chapter 179 Lena Everywhere

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"Miss, please feel free to pick anything you like. It's an honor to serve you." the manager offered with a smile.

Ashley shook her head and said, "Thanks, but I don't need these."

The manager randomly picked up a classy necklace and asked a shopping assistant to pack it. "Miss, please accept this small welcome gift from our brand. This necklace suits you perfectly," he said graciously.

The manager had every reason to please Ashley as she was with Andrew.

Giving away a necklace like this was not a big deal for him. It was merely a drop in his sea of jewelry.

As an experienced marketer, the manager certainly knew what he was doing.

As soon as the necklace was nicely wrapped, he gently placed it in Ashley's hand and said, "Miss, it's just a small present. We'd be so happy to see you accept it."

Ashley smiled in embarrassment. She wondered why the manager wanted her so desperately to accept something from him.

She politely turned him down, and killed time browsing on her cellphone while she waited for Andrew. She wondered why his call was taking so long.

She was engrossed in a game on her phone when suddenly a sharp, surprised voice startled her. She was about to blame this person for almost making her lose the game.

Ashley frowned and looked up to find that it was Lena, who was standing there smirking happily. Ashley was starting to doubt whether Lena was following her and Andrew, given that they bumped into Lena every time they were out.

Lena beamed at her, but Ashley couldn't even put on a fake smile for this woman who was constantly scheming against her. She calmly put her phone away and threw a glance at her sister. "What's wrong?" she asked nonchalantly.

Lena saw Andrew nearby and plastered a fake smiled on her face. "Nothing at all. I was just happy to bump into you here, so I came by to say hello."

Her eyes immediately went to the ring on Ashley's hand. "My dear sister, did Andrew buy you a ring?" she asked in surprise. "Oh, and excuse me, who are you please?"

Lena asked the middle-aged man next to Ashley.

"I serve as the manager of this boutique," he replied.

"Oh, nice to meet you. I'm her younger sister." Lena grinned at the manager and introduced herself.

He didn't care to respond to

one this to her! How can you be so malicious! You didn't used to be like this," he roared. Raymond was sad that Ashley had been reduced to such shameless acts.

He was mad at her as though she had committed the most heinous crime in the world.

"Raymond, don't be so furious. It's not Ashley's fault. You shouldn't blame her for this." Lena continued her act. But inside she was thrilled that Raymond was condemning Ashley. Now she could continue to play the victim card.

"Honey, don't stand up for her any more. Let me take you to the hospital right away," Raymond said anxiously.

Ashley rolled her eyes and responded coolly, "Yeah, I am a malicious woman. I knocked Lena down, so what? Please guard your fiancee carefully next time, or she will make a mess again by claiming kinship with anyone on the street. When she fails, she will even frame others. I'm amazed at how she can make up so many fake sisters."

Raymond was disappointed with this new Ashley, whose frigid demeanor and emotionless tone broke his heart. "Ashley, you have changed," he observed.

Ashley didn't bother to respond to this fool who was brainwashed by Lena. His razor-sharp tongue confirmed that he was blindly following his wicked fiancee and believing every lie that came out of her mouth.

Raymond gave Ashley a final look of disappointment and started to leave with Lena in his arms.

However, now Andrew spoke after being silent for a long time.

He fixed his eyes on Raymond, who was leaving, and said, "Wait!"

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