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   Chapter 178 Rings

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The next day was Saturday, so Andrew didn't have to work, but Ashley had to go to the bakery because it was open seven days a week. There was no weekend break for her.

She was going to the bakery in Andrew's car as usual but suddenly, she noticed that they were going the wrong way.

She was an idiot when it came to directions, but, as she had been taking the same route to the bakery every day, she was able to catch the change in direction.

"Andrew, are we going the wrong way? This doesn't seem to be the way I go every day," she inquired.

"You are right. We are not going to the bakery today," Andrew, who was in the driver's seat, replied.

"Andrew, why didn't you ask for my consent before making plans for the day?" She stared at him indignantly. "Drive me to the bakery," she protested.

He didn't reply but instead sped up the car.

Ashley clutched the seat belt. She was a little worried now.

Finally, the car stopped at a large mall.

Andrew got out of the car, pulled the door open and dragged her out.

Ashley was still protesting. "Why do you drag me here?" she complained.

"To buy rings," he responded.

Ashley didn't trust her ears and opened her eyes widely. "What? What are you talking about?"

Andrew stared at Ashley and repeated, "You heard me. I brought you here to buy rings."

Ashley flinched subconsciously. "Forget about the rings, please. We have already got married. A ring is just a flashy ornament," she explained.

Andrew twisted his lips without saying anything. He just watched Ashley with his deep dark eyes steadily. Ashley felt great pressure in her heart immediately.

Ashley couldn't understand why Andrew suddenly had the idea of buying rings. He had never mentioned it before and it had been all right without the rings.

Obviously her protests didn't work. She was dragged into the mall.

The mall belonged to the Lu Group but he had never visited it. Andrew had heard that the mall had a goo

from these at the moment."

Ashley's jaw dropped when she heard his comment. 'How could he not be impressed by these? What kind of rings are impressive in his eyes?'

And to her surprise, the manager didn't seem displeased. Instead, he seemed to agree with what Andrew said.

"How about these?" Andrew scanned the three plates and picked out a pair of rings with a diamond cut in a water drop shape, surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds. It looked cute, simple, elegant and it matched Ashley's style.

"Give me your hand," he said to Ashley.

Knowing fully well that she couldn't avoid this, she held her hand out obediently. The ring fit in her finger perfectly, as if it was custom made.

She liked the ring too. She touched it gently after Andrew put it on.

He looked satisfied too.

Then he gave the other ring to Ashley and said, "Help me put it on."

Ashley took the ring from his hand and inserted it onto his finger. It felt a lot like they were exchanging rings at a wedding ceremony.

The manager was stunned to see Andrew being so intimate with a woman.

He didn't know who Ashley was, but going by the CEO's affectionate attitude towards her, she must be somebody important. As they placed the rings on their third fingers, it was obvious that they were either engaged or married.

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