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   Chapter 177 Feeling Sorry For Andrew

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Ashley's face was clouded with worry. Andrew tried to say something to comfort her, but he was in too much pain to be able to speak. He couldn't help but curl up into a ball due to the unbearable pain.

With great difficulty, he pointed to a little box placed next to the car window.

Thankfully they had already reached the villa and he could finally rest.

"Is there medicine inside the box?" Ashley asked as she hurried to open the box. She found a small bottle and quickly scanned the note on it to ensure it was safe. She removed two pills from the bottle, grabbed some water, and went closer to Andrew to help him take the medicine.

Andrew took the pills with a small mouthful of water while holding her hand and slyly taking the chance to lick it, but Ashley was too anxious to feel that.

"How do you feel now? Better?" Ashley asked, her eyes fixed on him.

She panicked because she had never seen Andrew like this. In her mind, he was always a calm and elegant gentleman who behaved in a dignified manner no matter what the circumstances. She could barely believe her eyes when she saw him curl up like a helpless child.

Ashley glanced at medicine bottle labeled "Antacid" and asked Andrew, "You have stomach trouble?"

He could just nod in response.

The pain wouldn't subside despite the medicine he had just taken.

This problem had haunted him for so long. From the time he had taken over the Lu Group, he had had to attend numerous business parties. He had to accept all his clients' toasts to maintain a good relationship. He couldn't refuse for fear of offending them even if it took a toll on his health.

Now it was a different scenario. Few people, if any, could force him to drink as the Lu Group had grown into a vast business empire. But it was too late for his body. The damage that the alcohol had done to his body in those early years was now a lifelong curse. This sacrifice wasn't in vain. Without all this networking, the Lu Group would not have reached the heights it did.

Even today, skipping meals on busy days was common for him and this affected his health, but he never paid much attention to it.

He knew that Ashley had an appointment with Ellie today, so he had

by a political marriage, and naturally were indifferent to each other. They didn't care about their family."

They both soon remarried after the divorce. His stepmother didn't give him food, made him do the housework, and would regularly beat him and scold him.

Ashley pictured Andrew huddling in a corner trembling and sobbing, and she felt so sorry for him.

She moved close to him and gave him a quick but gentle hug.

"Alright, all this was in the past. Don't let it trouble you anymore. Have this warming bowl of noodles. It won't taste good if it gets cold," she cooed.

Andrew obediently picked up his chopsticks and started to sip the noodle soup slowly. True, lightly-flavored noodles and soup aren't much of a delicacy, but for Andrew it was the most delicious bowl of noodles he had ever had.

Ashley had made these noodles to be eaten only by Andrew, but as he so sweetly asked her to share every bite, the scene had become quite different.

This made her feel embarrassed, but judging from the smile on his face, he was delighted!.

Ashley looked at him and wondered what he was thinking.

After two more shared bites, Ashley covered her mouth with her hands and said, "I'm full now. Enjoy the rest. I shall go upstairs, and you can come up after you're done."

After Ashley left, Andrew ate the noodles as if they were a treasure, enjoying every bite until nothing was left.

He watched Ashley's silhouette with passion and desire in his eyes.

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