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   Chapter 175 Back To L City

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After work, Ashley and Ellie went to visit Laura and Brown. The moment they entered the house, the odor of food assaulted their senses. Mesmerized, Ashley took a deep breath, and asked, "Ellie, do you know who's cooking? It smells so good!"

Ellie didn't respond. Instead, she walked straight to the kitchen where she was not surprised to find Laura cooking and tinkering in there. She sighed and said, "Grandma, I told you to let me do the cooking! You and Grandpa just need to relax and wait for dinnertime."

Laura's wrinkled face brightened as she cracked a warm smile. When she saw how upset Ellie was, she said softly, "You get tired enough after your work, and I don't really have anything to do the whole day. I knew you'd be home soon, so I decided to cook you something. I just wanted you to have a nice, warm dinner when you came home." Laura turned back to the pan and got busy with flipping the meat.

"Sweetheart, you don't have to worry about us. Your grandma and I are okay! We really don't like sitting around and doing nothing. Just let us do something for you. Okay?" said Brown as he helped Laura with the cooking.

Ashley pulled on Ellie's sleeve and said, "Ellie, your grandparents are just trying to help. They don't want you to overwhelm yourself by trying to handle everything. They just want to do whatever they can to make your life easier. They are getting used to the busy life back home. Cooking for you is the least they can do. Just let them do it."

Ellie pursed her lips and without uttering a word, she left the kitchen.

Ashley frowned as she watched Ellie leave. But she decided to say hi to Brown and Laura before talking to Ellie. Entering the kitchen, she wore a big smile as she greeted Ellie's grandparents. "Hello, Brown! Hey, Laura! How are you? I've really missed you!" She hugged them tightly.

"Ash, I haven't see you in forever! I am good. How have you been? You look prettier than the last time I saw you," Laura said, looking Ashley up and down.

"Thank you, Laura. I'm flattered. You look amazing! You are so full of energy, just like a twenty-year-old girl! And Brown, you look much better now!" Ashley complimented them.

"Oh, you are such a sweet girl!" said Laura, beaming.

Brown smiled at Ashley, but his ey

"It was an accident. Brown will be very careful in the future. It won't happen again. The most important thing is that we can't take Ash's room forever. We already feel bad about her having to stay with her friends. That's unfair to her," Laura said.

Ashley felt guilty about not telling Laura the truth. She smiled and said, "I am okay, Laura. My friend lives close to where I work. Don't worry about me. I don't mind sharing a room with Ellie. And I stay with my friend half the time. You can stay here as long as you like."

Brown and Laura tried to persuade Ellie to let them go. But no matter what they said, Ellie was firm in her decision. She did not like the idea of letting them go back to L City.

They were Ellie's only family, and they were old. Ellie couldn't help but worry about them, and if they moved back to L City, that was all she would do.

"Ellie, you have to understand that we would love to stay with you! But we are really not used to life here. The night here is almost as bright as the day. The cars on the roads never seem to stop. We can hardly sleep at nights.

We can only walk around in the complex during the day. We have nothing to do here. In L City, we can take care of the garden and the fowls. We have a lot of things to keep us occupied there. We have stayed here long enough. Those fowls need us," Laura said desperately.

Ellie suddenly didn't know how to respond. She lowered her head and didn't say anything. She knew that Laura had just made a very good point.

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