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   Chapter 174 The Visit

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Lena berated her mother Peggy in her head. 'If it weren't for your arrogance and ignorance, we wouldn't be in this position!' Lena believed that if Peggy didn't make the decision by herself, Andrew would not marry Ashley in the first place!

To Lena, marriage was just a contract printed on a piece of paper—nothing more, nothing less. Since it didn't mean much to her, she didn't mind being the third person in their marriage. As long as she tried hard, Andrew would divorce Ashley. After all, Ashley had, and was, nothing.

It was obvious that Andrew was only interested in her for the time being because of how she looked.

The next day, Andrew drove Ashley to her bakery, as usual.

"I will pick you at five this afternoon," Andrew said.

Ashley was busy unbuckling her seat belt. Because of that, she didn't bother to lift her head to look at him, and instead, she mindlessly responded, "I think I will go home by myself today. After work, Ellie and I are going to visit her grandparents."

Actually, Ashley was a little afraid of telling him that. Narrowing his eyes, Andrew took a deep breath and said, "Okay." Ashely was about to let out a sigh of relief when Andrew suddenly added, "But it might be hard for you to get a taxi there. I will ask Johnny to pick you up."

With that, Ashley just nodded as she tried to avoid any eye contact with Andrew. After she gathered all her things, she bid goodbye to Andrew. "Okay then, I'll be leaving now. Bye!"

As she tried to open the car door, she discovered that it was locked. Confused, she turned and looked at Andrew. He looked at her, lifted one of his brows and smiled at her teasingly. She pursed her lips, looked outside and looked back at him again. She quickly kissed him on the cheek, unlocked the door and left.

Then, she ran as fast as she could into the store.

Andrew was not fully satisfied with the kiss, but he was glad that they had started to act like a couple.

Seeing Andrew's car leave, Ashley was about to get into the store when a familiar figure came out of a beautiful Ferrari.

Ashley saw this out of the corner of her eyes, and was immediately intrigued as to who it might be. She then hid behind a sign and tried to see who it was. A person stepped out of the driver's side. The guy slowly walked to the passenger side and opened the door. Then, Ellie walked out. 'What's happening?' Ashley thought to herself as she looked on.

Ellie continued on her way to the store, so Ashley quickly walked in so that Ellie wouldn't find her.

"Hey, I think I at least earned myself a 'thank you' from you for getting up so early to drive you here! Hey!" Francis started protesting. He was wearing a red t-shirt, which suited his gorgeous face very well. As he said that, he was leaning against the car, with his brows slightly raised and a cynical smile on his face. Truly, he was such a beautiful man that many girls would love to date.

But as it turned out, Ellie was an exception. Upon hearing Francis' sentiments, she stopped in her tracks, slowly turned aro

dparents would love to see you being with someone you love. They might really enjoy having a grandchild."

And with that, once again, Ashley's eyes lit up. She found the best way to pressure Ellie getting in a relationship. She could tell Brown and Laura everything, and if they personally asked Ellie to go out with the guy she saw, Ellie would not have the heart to refuse.

With just a glance, Ellie already knew what was on Ashley's mind. Her patience was starting to get tested, and so she threatened Ashley, "Don't you dare to tell this to my grandparents! I will destroy you!"

Ashley rolled her eyes and replied, "Okay, okay! I understand, geez! I am not going to tell them. I swear! Anyway, are you going to consider that man though? Because I really think he's into you!"

As a response to that, Ellie shrugged her shoulders and didn't say a word. As Ellie understood, it was impossible for him to be into her. Just like the other men, he probably just wanted to get into her pants.

Once again, Ellie decided to change the topic by saying, "We are going back to the old house after work. Did you tell Andrew about our plans for today?"

Ashley was too busy worrying about Ellie's future to hear what Ellie was saying. Snapping back to reality, she responded, "What?"

Ellie put her face a few inches away from Ashley's and raised her voice, saying, "Please don't tell me you forgot to tell him!"

Ellie just didn't want to experience Andrew's rage ever again.

The last time Ashley didn't tell Andrew where she would be, he searched her for hours and even broke into Ellie's door to make sure she was okay.

Ashley finally heard what Ellie was asking. She rolled her eyes and replied, "Don't worry! I already told him."

Ashley didn't know why she had to report everything to Andrew. 'He's not the boss of me!' she thought angrily.

Brown felt better after he moved to J City. He wasn't completely cured, but his condition got under the control. As long as he took the right medicines on time, he would be fine.

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